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Thursday, 06 July 2017 07:57

The Right Side:HOW’S IT WORKING OUT? Featured

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Democrat Leaders;
Sanders (Communist), Ellison (Muslim), Schumer (?), Pelosi (??), Hillary (???), Watters (OMG)  …Party Platform; Get Trump, His Wife and Kids .
The Majority of the voting American Republicans and Democrats, are smart, believe in our Constitution and our Rule of Law. The Democrat “leaders” are neither smart, nor honest and absolutely do NOT believe in our Constitution. The Leaders are afraid to tell the truth about their beliefs because they know their base is smart, honest and “do” believe in our Constitution! So the Leaders lie! They call themselves “Progressive”. Did you ever look it up? I did. Here it is; “person advocating or implementing social reform or new, liberal ideas”. How liberal? EXTREMELY!
Sanders is an admitted Communist, tell me where in the Sanders “Mein Kompf”, it says, “private” ownership and free enterprise and freedom of speech”? Where in the Koran, upon which Ellison, an admitted Muslim, took the Oath of Office, does it say, “Separation of Church and State”? Do you understand what I mean regarding Ellison? He took his oath of office as a US Congressman, from Minnesota (along with Sen Al Freakin’ Kranken, OMG), to “protect, preserve and defend the Constitution” on HIS book of faith which decrys  our Constitution and states explicitly that he must believe in one Supreme, unelected Ruler who is the Church and State of Islam! I would love to ask him if he believes in all the Surahs in the Koran!!! He must, as an Unbeliever of Islam, according to Mohammed, (Surah 5-36) “as to those who reject Faith…if they had everything on Earth …to give as ransom…for the day of judgement…theirs would be a grievous Penalty”. This is a winner, (8-12), “I am with you give firmness to the Believers. I will instil terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers (that’s you and me): you smite them above their necks and smite all their finger tips off (cut their heads and fingers off)”.
We should ignore that because there are only 37 Islamic Nations and about 150 million Muslims who actually practice those beliefs!
According to the DaiIy Wire, “ In September 2016, (Sadiq) Khan (Londons’ Muslim Mayor) actually had the gall to say that citizens in big cities should just get used to terrorism”.
- Permissiveness
- Look the other way
- Allow Muslims to take Public 
  Office in previously non socialist 
J Gary DiLaura
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