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Tuesday, 01 September 2015 09:11

Kevin Ruane of Sanibel Reappointed to Board of Florida League of Mayors

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Sanibel Mayor Kevin Ruane (right) was recently reappointed to the board of directors of the Florida League of Mayors.

This 21 member board is composed of mayors from around the state, and governs the direction of the organization, which gives these local leaders a forum where they can exchange ideas and assist one another in seeking solutions to issues that affect their municipalities.

The group serves as a companion to the Florida League of Cities, an organization that serves 411 different towns and cities throughout the state. It has been serving these local governments since 1922 with benefits such as watchdogs that keep tabs on state and federal agency rule-making activities as well as advocacy teams experienced with government relations on a state and federal level. In order for a municipality to have its Mayor in the League of Mayors, it must be a member of the League of Cities.

"I believe we best promote the interest of the citizens of Sanibel when we leverage the power of all 411 cities in this State, particularly when we are addressing environmental issues in Tallahassee," Ruane said in a statement released by the Town of Sanibel.

Both the League of Cities and the League of Mayors serve a large constituency of Florida citizens. Over half of Florida’s population lives within the boundaries of the 411 municipalities served by both leagues. The League of Mayors was formed last November by the League of Cities. Its first meeting was on January 6th of this year in Tallahassee.

"The Florida League of Mayors is already providing the mayors of Florida with the ability to explore in greater depth than anywhere else areas of mutual concern and opportunity," Fort Myers Mayor Randall Henderson, president of the organization, said. "We are forging a new voice that each of us believes will serve our cities well. Our organization has the potential to become an effective vehicle for the development of a broader communication reach and for the development enhancement of what already is a deep pool of political leadership."

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