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Monday, 17 August 2015 11:21

County Services Agreement Done – Talks Continue

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Nick Batos, Mayor of the Village of Estero Nick Batos, Mayor of the Village of Estero

It will cost the Village of Estero not quite $3 million next year to have Lee County continue providing services.

The county bill will eat up around half the budget that the village council has contemplated. What’s left to work out is which roads the village might take over and any service level increases the village chooses to fund.

The village is also reviewing qualifications from planning firms interested in providing community development services. Proposals were due in village offices August 5th.

Mayor Nick Batos said there are several roads the village might eventually take over. The county likely will maintain ownership of major roads like Three Oaks Parkway, Ben Hill Griffin Drive and Corkscrew Road, and those roads inside the village’s many gated communities remain the individual community development district or homeowners association responsibility.

The village will have revenue to deal with whatever roads it chooses to take over. The village has already chosen to collect impact fees at 100 percent instead of discounting them to 45 percent as the county does. The annual amount is estimated to top $900,000.

In fact Batos said the village revenue projects at $10 million, which would produce an excess of more than the $3 million the pre-incorporation feasibility study projected.

“We are a municipality but we are within and part of a larger community,” Batos said. “We are not able to take over everything in one day nor would we want to.”

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