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Sunday, 18 March 2018 07:46

The Fort Myers Beach Wave Challenge 3-24-2018 Featured

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RJ Snider (L) of Lightmark Productions, Danny Martenson of  Fear No Fin Apparel and the Lani Kai Resort host the Second Annual Fort Myers Beach Spring Break Wave Challenge RJ Snider (L) of Lightmark Productions, Danny Martenson of Fear No Fin Apparel and the Lani Kai Resort host the Second Annual Fort Myers Beach Spring Break Wave Challenge



This weekend everyone is focused on St. Patrick's Day, it falling on a Saturday makes for even more of a festive mood. Parties, both public and private are plentiful across the county.

In the next coming week, attention will be brought back to a more serious issue, Water Quality!

On Saturday March 24th, the second annual Fort Myers Beach Spring Break Wave Challenge will be held starting at noon, this year the event will be hosted by the Lani Kai and once again organized by Fear No Fin Apparel with arial video photography by LightMark Productions.

The event encourages everyone to come to the beach and come together along the shoreline and do an enormous wave to bring awareness for the importance of clean water and water conservation. Waves are very popular at sporting events and will travel around a stadium many times as organizers felt it would be an easy thing to do on the beach allowing all interested parties to show their support for keeping our coastal waters clean.

Those participating should arrive at the Lani Kai from noon to 1pm, where they can enjoy double DJs and a wealth of raffle prizes. Any donation to "Keep Lee County Beautiful" gets you entered to win a "two nights stay" at the Lani Kai.

Everyone will form a line along the shoreline behind the hotel, and continue on either side until everyone has a spot. The Wave will then start from one side to the other for about 15 minutes, with drones operated by LightMark Productions capturing the aerial action.

At 1:15 everyone will start lining up to do the wave. At promptly 1:30 Lightmark productions will start filming the wave. Immediatly after the "wave" the drawing will be held at the beach stage. You must be present to win.

I repeat, this event is to bring awareness to Water Quality and Water Conservation, over the past few months, the rain has been scant and water levels of Lake Okeechobee have remained low, so there have not been any water releases. While walking the shore these days, the water looks great.

The water quality on our beaches and surrounding bays comes under scrutiny again as we approach our rainy season. Heavy rains raise the water lever in the lake and then the Army Core of Engineers release water into the Caloosahatchee River which brings brown water to our beaches and shores sometimes causing Red Tide.

If you’re wondering what the challenge is, the promoters are putting out a challenge to other spring break destinations “Daytona, Fort Lauderdale, Gulf Shores, South Padre, South Beach, Panama City etc” to have Fear No Fin come to their beach to promote “The Wave” and see if they can do a longer wave than FMBeach, bringing more awareness to this issue. Any money raised will go towards water quality and conservation at their local beaches.

Last year the event was a great success with hundreds of participants and a wave that was over a quarter mile long. This year the hope is to double that or more! Come on out and bring a friend to support this worthy cause.

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