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Saturday, 30 January 2021 00:10

Bonita Beach / Fort Myers Beach.... "Dog Park" Featured

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Signage on the street is easy to miss, so be careful to look for it or you might drive right by. Signage on the street is easy to miss, so be careful to look for it or you might drive right by.


 dog beach map


Searching for this dog beach on line, you will find that the location listed as: 14436 Bonita Beach CSWY. Bonita Springs, FL 34134, or as: 8800 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931, luckily, both searches bring you to the same place.

It is a lovely Dog Beach where your dogs can run and frolic in sand and the gulf of Mexico off a leash.... for FREE! and legally!

The name on the sign is Bonita Beach Dog Park and it is the only Lee county-owned beach, where pets are allowed to run free. But depending on who you talk to, it is refered to by either name. Bonita Beach or Fort Myers Beach ‘dog park’

This is a coastal tideland, therefore the size of the beach will vary on the water level of the tide, when the tide is high, there is very little beach front but the water is very shallow for the dogs to run and play, when the water is low, the sand bars are all exposed and make more room for people, towels blankets and umbrellas.

"Dog Beach" is a strip of beach land on the outside edge of Lover's Key State Park along the Fort Myers Beach/Bonita Springs line.

It is an “off leash” beach to let your dog run free and play in the shallow, calm water of the Gulf of Mexico. There are no fences, leashes or worries required. Just plenty of dogs of all sizes to play with.

Many people visit that don't even have dogs, they come to watch the dogs run and play with their furry friends on land and water. I have met many visitors there who came because they miss their dogs that they were not able to bring with them on vacation.

You can see the sign from the road but the beach itself is not visable from the main road, just follow the signs around the trees and a clearing will open up to Dog Beach.

This is a great place where your dogs may run free in a beautiful beach setting.

Another good point: parking for your vehicle is also free. There is also a Doggie shower station at the edge of the parking lot, provided by a private donor,which allows you to rinse your dog before leaving the park.

dog beach

Having two Australian Sheppards myself, I have been there many times, this time of year.... in season, I try to go early, and I mean early in the morning, it gets very 'dog crowded' by 9am...and by noon, well, it's hard to keep an eye on your dog among the lot.

As seen below.You can see the Gulf at the far end of the picture, the dog beach is to the right of that. You will notice a path emerging on the right side of the opening long before you reach the open Gulf.

dog beach entrance

This photo (above) is the low tide look, during high tide, you may have to wade through some water, up to knee high, to get to it so check tides or be prepared to get a little wet.
Please "Paws" and read the rules. No glass containers or alcohol allowed. This is an unsupervised facility. You are responsible for yourself, your dog and its behavior. So Please be responsible for your dog, if your dog is not 'other dog' friendly then this is not the place for you or your dog.

The future of this wonderful facility depends upon our/your ability to self-monitor, so it is very important to clean up after your dog, so remember to bring poop bags, Pet Waste that is left uncollected degrades water quality. With an estimated 134,000 dogs in Lee County, this results in a lot of waste that sometimes washes into our waterways anyways.... we especially don’t want to increase bacteria and bad nutrients at our cool dog beach.

Join us in our ‘Do your Duty’ campaign and pick up the waste you run into... even if your dog didn’t do it!

To learn more visit: and help stop the Slime Monster.

This park does not have a restroom but there is a portable toilet (port-a-potty).

There is no running water so remember to bring lots of water for yourself and for your dogs.

Please follow the rules to make it a safe, clean enjoyable place for all.

For more information visit or call 239-533-7275. And have a fun safe day at dog beach!

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