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Monday, 22 January 2018 13:04


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We have looked over the plans, and are officially throwing our support to the project presented by TPI Hospitality, locally referred to as


TPI FMB Project Renderings 11 20 17 4


TPI FMB Project Renderings 11 20 17 16TPI FMB Project Renderings 11 20 17 5TPI FMB Project Renderings 11 20 17 8

We like the new proposal for several reasons, the area is in dire need of renovation, the white out store-fronts give the impression of a deserted area right on the edge of times square, until recently, the first thing visitors saw as they came onto the beach was a closed store at the bottom of the bridge on the corner Fifth Street and Estero Blvd.

Luckily the Beach Chamber of Commerce moved into the space. Another thing favorable to the plan is it allows for this space to remain a retail location, it’s the perfect location for the chamber, right at the bottom of the bridge, other thing about this proposal we like are it stays within the 40 foot above flood level parameters, does not rely on the use of Crescent Beach Family Park land or Seafarer’s property, no longer requires a sea wall, and the pool area on the beach side allows for open views from the road of the beach.

One concern perhaps is the Seafarers property, if the county were to decide it wants to develop the space it could damage the views from the hotel rooms facing the beach, TPI Hospitality should get some assurances from the county that the space would be turned into a park as depicted in the artists renderings.

Surely, there will be some tweeks to the designs to be worked out, but we welcome and support the plan!

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