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Saturday, 27 January 2018 19:52

SWFL UFO & Paranormal Conference Featured

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The first ever UFO & Paranormal Conference in Fort Myers, Fl. will be held next month, 
This special event is for everyone; the young and the older "kids" interested in the mysteries of our world and beyond.  Have you ever seen an UFO? I have! well nothing else explains the lights we saw one night in the northern New Hampshire sky some 30 years ago.
This event will have Lectures, discussions and presentations by Special Guest Speakers throughout the day from 10 AM – 7PM. Highlighting the speakers list is Robb Demarest, lead investigator from the hit TV Series, Ghost Hunters International. He will be making two presentations of his lecture on new equipment for the detection and communication with Earth bound spirits. 
Ghosts will also be explored by Shawn Porter, celebrity paranormal investigator in his lecture titled, “Ghost Hunting 101”. 
Another featured Speaker will be Glen Means, former Chief Investigator for Mutual UFO Network NE (MUFON) and guest on The Discovery Channel and The History Channel, who will conduct two presentations at the Conference. He will hold a talk entitled “Aliens and Abductions-An Abductee’s Experience”. Mr. Means, USAF Retired Air Commando will also host a public question and answer session on ‘UFOs and Aliens: What’s Happening today.’
Morgan Beall, the former Florida State Director for the Mutual UFO Network, a scientific research and investigative organization, will also appear as a current investigator with MUFON.
Many speakers will be focused on Florida, Robert Robinson and Mark Muncy, author of the best-selling book, ‘Erie Florida, Chilling Tales from the Panhandle to the Keys’, Mark Muncy, will be discussing topics ranging from the ghosts of St. Augustine to the UFO’s of Gulf Breeze. Robert Robinson has filmed segments on the Florida Skunk Ape for PBS’s “Weird Florida: On the Road Again”, and “Bigfoot in America”. Mr. Robinson will present captivating stories of his quest to discover “Monsters and Mysteries of America”. 
Attendees at the all-day UFO and Paranormal Conference on February 24, 2018, can participate in a discussion on The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experiences (FREE) presented by Dr. Robert Davis Ph.D., as he explores the relationship between consciousness, science and spirituality. 
Dr. Phyliss Csaszar, FFSc., founder of Star Visitors and Terrains United Research Network (S.A.T.U.R.N) will conduct an open group discussion where attendees can share their U.F.O. stories. 
World traveler and author Chris Kullstroem, who will discuss demons, devils and monsters.
The Conference is February 24, 2018 from 9 AM till 8 PM at the Araba Shrine Temple, 2010 Hanson Street, Fort Myers, FL 33901. Vendor hall is open 9-6, programming is scheduled from 10-7, and the lounge area will be open from 11-8 for socializing. 
More information is available at
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