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Saturday, 14 October 2023 07:34

Sun, Sand, and Spirit: Margaritaville Opens December 26 Featured

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In the still heart of Fort Myers Beach, there is a new energy swirl­ing around… as one local told me, ‘It’s been a tough year, but the de­fibrillators are about to be applied to the local economy now!

Margaritaville is finally ready to open its doors!’ Bringing much-needed jobs and new enti­ties to the beach, and soon, when Margaritaville opens…the skies will light up with fireworks too!

It has been a long road…. some nine years in the making but come this December… one day after Christmas…. the doors will be open to Visitors and Locals …!

Margaritaville aims to bring life to the sand and streets. And for the locals, it offers discounts on everything! That sounds good to me!

We were also very happy to hear that after arrival, hotel guests will find FREE beach chairs with a sturdy umbrella and no resort fees! They’re taking a break too. why? Well, the ‘Beach Club’ isn’t slated to open until mid-January, soo…. Free stuff till then!

For Fort Myers Beachgoers, there will be six bars and restau­rants, with lots of action and live tunes, or maybe… You’ll want to get away to the St. Somewhere Spa. As we used to say at Armando’s …. Come for an hour …. a few hours…. or the whole day…. to the perfect Island get­away! Well… unfortunately… you can’t come to us anymore, so you might as well give them a shot!

“It’s been quite the journey,” muses Dee Anne Osborne of TPI Hospitality… who’s TPI? Well, if you’ve had your head in the sand or are completely new to the area… they are the company behind the Margaritaville names in Fort Myers Beach and Naples. Their reputa­tion? Built on eight decades of trust and service.

Oh, Margaritaville, … where to begin?…. If you’ve ever been to one… the essence is all about the energy. The bars, the eateries - they’re all about the laid-back and chill-out Jimmy Buffet style attitude... the Margaritaville spirit, but this Margaritaville is also about boosting the town of FM Beach. With over 250 rooms and about twice that many quests, they hope to bring in a much-needed lifeline to the local economy.

TPI thinks highly of our Fort Myers Beach talent too. Over a hundred hospitality positions are already filled, with over 300 posi­tions in total. Plus, they are looking for performers. “Talent that reso­nates with the Margaritaville spirit,” Osborne said.

They’re casting the net wide: from solos to duos, across genres, acoustic performers, aca­pella, and those that play by re­quest. For anyone who is interested, check out LIVEMUSIC@margari­

Margaritaville aims to be every “Parrothead’s” haven while offering something distinct to visi­tors and locals alike.

Many locals have voiced concerns about potential traffic …. to ease those concerns, there’ll be a turnaround at the resort’s entrance on Estero Boulevard. Personally, I think you may see a little on check-in day, but because of their great location, once the guests are here, they will probably be taking advan­tage of the parking, which is ample. And they’re keen on keeping cars at bay. Dolphin Transit is on board to transport guests, and you can opt for a golf cart too.

Fins Up Beach Club, as previously mentioned… is a little behind schedule. But come the day after Santa shows up…. there’ll be places to dine: La Di Da, JWB Grill, and License to Chill. And for that early brew? They’ve joined hands with Chocolattés for the Coconut Telegraph Coffee Shop.


Another bonus is access to the grand hall, the Compass Ball­room, a much-needed space for banquets and any other large event. It stands proud at five thousand square feet of entertainment possi­bilities. I look forward to attending many great events to be held there!

Margaritaville isn’t aiming to be merely a destination but a journey where every corner, every grain of sand, echoes the tale of the rebirth of our Island Paradise…. It is a tale not just of a resort but of Fort Myers Beach, a different beach than before but one that is moving forward.

For more info: or call 239-899-4001.

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                                                                                 Richard Luthmann & Bobby Mimmo

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