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Wednesday, 01 March 2017 23:19

Spring Break!!! Featured

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How and when did the world decide that for one week in March or April, college kids would have carte blanche to leave their local town, and head to a tropical location, engaging in kegstand, wet tee-shirt contests (ect) on beaches and in bars.

The historical origins of spring break started with the Greeks ancient masters getting liquored up and taking off their pants in public. The ancient Greeks celebrated a spring festival called Anthestreria, which honored Dionysus, the god of theater, fornicating, and getting totally hammered. Festival goers dressed up, sang, and engaged in wine chugging contests.

Of course, there were a few thousand years in between the ancient Greeks and modern spring breaking which brought back public wine (beer) chugging contests.

During World War II, wealthy Ivy Leaguers traveled to Florida, being scared off by rumors of German submarine activity in the Caribbean.

During the '50s the media began to report Florida's reputation as a place to spend spring break drinking, dancing, and looking for "love".

1965, Elvis stared in "Girl Happy" a film which suggested that spring break might be a place to meet and greet Elvis, instead of just a place to get beer poured down your bra.

In 1975, the wet t-shirt contest was invented at Pierre's Restaurant in Metairie, Louisiana, which soon became a spring break staple.

At the end of the '80s, Ft Lauderdale citizens begin enacting ordinances, banning open containers of booze and putting up a wall separating the beach from the street. Students began gathering in locations through out the southern states.

From the end of Prohibition, Florida maintained a drinking age of 18 until 1987.
In 1986, MTV aired Spring Break from Daytona Beach, Florida. The episode featured Mr. Mister, Beastie Boys, and high-cut '80s bikini bottoms.

40 percent of college students travel for spring break, spending almost $1 billion on hot spots in Florida and Texas alone. In fact, 500,000 partiers spend over $140 million just going to Panama City, Florida, the "spring break capital of the world."

If you're visiting SW Florida and heading out to party for "Spring Break 2017"......Have fun, be safe.

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