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Thursday, 28 July 2016 16:08

A Stroll Through The Garden Featured

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If you like nature or just
want to spend an afternoon walking
through a beautiful garden head
down to The Butterfly Estates in
Fort Myers. This butterfly conservatory
is shrouded in 3,614 square
foot of glass with some of the most
serene landscaping in and outside.
The moment you park your
car you are greeted by little winged
visitors due to the tropical nectar
plants that draws them to the exterior
of the estates.
I was curious when I heard
about a “Butterfly Estates” as it
was described to me.
There are so many different
types of butterflies it makes it hard
to focus on just one. Nicole Bennet
34 of Columbus, Ohio was
there taking a tour and she explained
“I saw the Butterfly Estates
in the “Must Do” magazine and
thought I have to check this out, a
butterfly conservatory. It’s not
everyday you get to have a relaxing
day with some of the most tranquil
surroundings.” The
conservatory on average raises
about ten different species depending
on the seasons according to the
educational staff. “There are local
butterfly gardeners who donate
their caterpillars and chrysalis because
there is not enough vegetation,
so there will not be enough
food to go around,” Bennet explained
to me after learning it herself
on the tour.
They play classical music
in the background while you enjoy
your adventure; I found it very fitting
considering it almost looked as
if the butterflies danced with their
wings. With Bennet was her partner
Mark 36 of Monticello, New
York who said, “This classical
music was by far the best choice.
It really adds to the mood and
seems as if the butterflies are listening.”
It was relaxing watching
these butterflies such as the Queen
and the Pipevine Swallowtail land
on the exoctic flowers
and nectar plants. One
of the species the
Monarch butterfly can
live for 180-240 days or
six to eight months.
Mark added “I didn't realize
they lived that
long. I thought that all
butterflies only lived a
couple of days.”
You would be
surprised at the amount
of Queen Caterpillar
and chrysalis, also
known as the Pupa stage
that are present due to
the perfect environment
for the developing stages of the
butterfly. There are
four complete stages of the butterfly;
egg, larvae, pupa, and adult.
You can witness all of these stages.
If you come at the right time you
can watch the chrysalis metamorph
into a beautiful butterfly. “I was
hoping to get to see one of the
pupas’ open up today, but maybe
next time,” Bennet added.
After you visit the Conservatory
you can enjoy the variety
shops that are available at the estates
such as the Caterpillars Ice
Cream Shop to enjoy a cold treat or
maybe a delicious chocolate snack
at the Fudge Factory. The conservatory
is a place for the whole family
to enjoy and experience
something you’ve never experienced
Admission is only $7 for adults 13
and above, ages 3 to 12 is $4, children
under 3 and valid military
I.D.’s are free. The Butterfly
Estates are located 1815 Fowler St.
in the River District of Fort Myers.
Colin Conley

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