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Tuesday, 30 August 2016 18:39

The Music Scene In & Around The Beach Featured

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Fort Myers Beach is a place
where you'll constantly be filled
with things to do.

Obviously the
beach plays one of the biggest parts
of our community but you can't forget
the never ending music scene.
Fort Myers Beach is always
hosting live music up and down the
beach at several locations including
the Lani Kai, The Cottage, The Tiki
Bar, Times Square and more. There
are so many different musicians and
genres of music that you couldn't
possibly enjoy it all in one night.
Many different musicians
play here weekly, one of these
bands calls themselves The Oysters
Band, having more devotion than
most. The Oysters are comprised of
a duo; Joe Monroe and Bryce
Barnes. Best friends, two lead vocalist,
and seasoned quality musicians
is what makes their
synchronicity on a level that other
bands spend a life time trying to
achieve. They're devotion is hard
stretched since their days in the
'Oysters Fantastic Band' in the early
2000's. Usually you would catch
The Oysters Band at The Lighthouse
Tiki Bar or in their new formed Trio
called the Gist at Valerie's but they
just recently went on vacation for the
off season. Make no mistake they
will be back.
Joseph Patriska a Hungarian
born musician known as Two hands
has been performing at

Outrigger and Bonita Bills for
many years now. This broad musician
plays everything from Zeppelin
to Stevie Ray Vaughn, "I started
playing on Fort Myers Beach at
Jimmy B's" Joseph explains. “Back
then the town ended at Page Field,
with nothing much besides a couple
of fruit stands until you reached
Bonita Springs,” he said. “I joined
the Air Force in 1985 and made
Fort Myers my home of record.”
Joseph has a very distinctive
style of music considering he
plays everything with his two
hands. Everything you hear when
he performs comes from his two
hands. Recording his tracks and
playing music over it makes him a
great musician to check out and
what better venue than Fort Myers
Beach. "We have the best sandy
beaches in the world right here. I
would know because I have been to
beaches all over the world, even
Italy has nothing close to what we
have here in Fort Myers Beach" he
proudly stated. You can find him
every Thursday from 5-8pm at the
Outrigger and Sunday afternoons at
Bonita Bills.
A band for the younger
crowd that has everyone talking is
A 200 from our very own Fort
Myers. They play a modern rock
that has people talking and wanting
more. They have one of the top
original touring acts in the country.
A 200 consists of 5 members who
all sing and collectively have many
years in the music business. John
Housley lead guitar and vocals,
Bob Tabarrini guitar and vocals,
Jason Polly lead vocals, Chris
Whited drums and vocals, and Vic
Jiminez bass guitar and vocals.
They have quickly grown from
small town tour band to national reviews
and television appearances in
multiple markets.
You can find these guys at
Lani Kai September 2nd and 3rd
Friday and Saturday night or if you
don't want to wait that long go to
the Buddha Bar in Fort Myers located
at 12701 McGregor Blvd.
You can go to their website and
check out more tour dates around
the area.
Another talented individual
to check out is Jeff Burdge known
as Happy Jeff. Not only does he
play every Friday night at 6pm at
Booba's Bar, but is also a very accomplished
artist known for his art
work, like on the front of the Welcome
Center on San Carlos Blvd.
I think it is safe to say there
is never a dull moment here in Fort
Myers Beach. Between sightseeing,
the music scene, and the beach
you can find activities for all walks
of life.
Colin Conley

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