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Friday, 02 October 2015 11:50

Making Lemonade From Lemons: Vandalized Newsstand Becomes Work of Art Featured

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So how do you make lemonade out of Sun Bay Paper newsstand that has been vandalized with spray paint? Easy, if you have an superlative, willing artist on your side.

When our distribution team found our new, white newsstand spray painted to cover the vinyl name and address labels we put on them along with the display "glass" in the front that allows readers to see the latest edition is "in the box" we put our heads to together and decided the best way to foil a petty vandal was to turn their ugliness into something artistic. So, we asked our friend Jeff Burdge if he's put his imprimatur on the box turning it into a work of art.paper box repainted2
We all thought a colorful "Jackson Pollock" approach would be really cool, so we set Jeff to task. The box you see below is the result of his artistic skill with a brush.
Jeff's mural work can also be seen on the front of the Fort Myers Beach-Sanibel Welcome Center. If we had a nickel for every time a visitor to the Center complimented the mural we'd be "rich as Rockefeller."
The box that Jeff painted is in front of the Topps supermarket on Fort Myers Beach and is a well-used rack. We hope the readers who stop to get a copy will enjoy seeing the artistic box as much as we did watching Jeff work his magic on it.
Perhaps the next time someone wants to deface our distribution rack they can call us first and we'll hire a great musician so they can destroy to some good music. It would suit their character to be sure.
Lemonade from lemons!


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