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Thursday, 10 September 2015 14:05

Fort Myers Beach Wells Fargo Bank Robbed

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Suspect Vincent Aliotta Suspect Vincent Aliotta

Police are searching for a man in his mid-40s who robbed the Fort Myers Beach Wells Fargo, located at 2815 Estero Boulevard. The robbery occured at 1:04 pm on Thursday, September 10, 2015. The man was last seen wearing a cowboy hat and a striped T-shirt. Reports had him leaving the bank on a bicycle. Our reporter is going to the scene and will be getting us an update. Stay tuned!

Update: The Lee County’s Sheriff’s Office has arrested Vincent Aliotta in connection to the robbery at the Wells Fargo Bank on Fort Myers Beach. Aliotta robbed the bank unarmed by giving a demand note to the teller, who complied, handing over $1879 in cash. Aliotta was located and arrested by police in Times Square on Fort Myers Beach.

The suspect was staying in the Gulf Motel across the street from the bank. In his room, deputies found $1828.78 and over 2 grams of marijuana. Clothes and the bicycle matching the descriptions used in the robbery were found on the motel’s property.

Nobody in the bank was injured during the course of the robbery.

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