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Wednesday, 10 August 2016 11:41

A Note From Sheriff Mike Scott: Featured

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In the face of continued
protests and intolerable violence
against Law Enforcement
Officers across our nation, I
sent this message to each and
every certified member of our
DO NOT compromise officer
safety over the
ginned up controversy
of current events;
wherein some suggest
that Law Enforcement
Officers are the problem
in our country
when it comes to
s...hooting deaths.
born of groups like
“Black Lives Matter”
who predictably jump
to conclusions and
pour into the streets
mere moments after
certain incidents; refusing to
wait for evidence, facts, or the
rule of law. Controversy born of
hypocrites who express instant,
under-informed outrage in the
comparatively rare instance of
a white cop shooting a black
citizen and virtual apathy when
a black citizen shoots another
black citizen; the latter being
the trend in an overwhelming
majority of black deaths in cities
across this country. Sadly, the
hypocrisy of “Black Lives Matter”
is that black lives apparently
matter far more if a white
cop is involved; despite thousands
of black lives lost to
members of the same race in
neighborhoods across the U.S.
You are part of a noble
and very difficult profession…a
profession that poses life or
death decisions in split seconds;
regardless of race, religion,
gender, or anything else.
A profession that is respected
by a quiet majority and criticized
by a vocal minority. A profession
that becomes far more
difficult when hacks like Minnesota
Governor Mark Dayton
rush to judgement and apparently
learn nothing from the fallacies
of Ferguson.
You are well trained and
well equipped, and my message
to you is stay safe. Stay
safe despite a handful of
elected misleaders and activists
who ignite and fan the
flames of racism by picking
and choosing which lives
matter more to them depending
on ethnicity alone.
Stay safe in the dangerous
arena of public safety
where all lives matter;
starting with yours.
These are increasingly
difficult times to be a law
enforcement or corrections
officer; however, we are
the last line of defense between
good and evil. Stay
safe and always review
your training. Stay safe and always
revert to your training.
Stay safe and never hesitate to
do that which is necessary to
reduce the chances of another
name being added to the ever
growing list of officers killed in
the line-of-duty.
Mike Scott
Sheriff of Lee County

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