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Saturday, 03 September 2016 08:17

Report: British Authorities Still Ignoring Massive Pakistani-Led Child Sex Ring Featured

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A new investigation by the
Daily Express has found that the
massive Rotherham child sex exploitation
ring whose discovery
rocked England two years ago is
not only still in operation, but is as
strong as ever. Reports from social
workers, police, residents, and
abuse victims all said the same
thing: It’s still happening on an
“industrial scale.”
In 2014, an independent inquiry
led by Alexis Jay, a former
senior social worker, found that
men of Pakistani origin had
groomed at least 1,400 young girls
for sexual exploitation over the
previous 16 years. These girls, as
young as 12, were variously raped,
abducted, tortured, and forced into
prostitution. Keep in
mind, this happened—and is still
happening—in the heart of England,
not some far-flung banana republic.
The report, known as the
Jay Report, found “blatant” failure
by city officials and police who
didn’t prosecute the well-known
and well-documented crime ring
out of fear of being accused of
racism. So they hushed it up, ignored
it, and blamed the victims
It now appears that, two
years and millions of pounds later,
little has been done to eradicate the
predatory operation. Despite a follow-
up report published earlier this
year claiming that the sexual exploitation
was being addressed
“adequately” and that previous
failures were “isolated” events,
people the Daily Express interviewed
paint a very different picture.
Sex Trafficking Rings Across
A former social worker
who works with the victims said
there has been a slight improvement
in the city but that the scale
of the sexual exploitation is still on
an “industrial” level. A lawyer who
has represented dozens of the
young girls involved added that
there are now half a dozen “splinter
groups” in the town grooming
under-aged girls.
This same lawyer is convinced
that similar abuse is going
on in towns across England, and
that local police aren’t taking parents
seriously, just they didn’t in
Rotherham for years. This is corroborated
by reports that authorities
have arrested or prosecuted
men, mainly of Pakistani origin,
operating similar sex rings in 11
towns in England.
This new development
raises a number of concerns, one of
which is whether authorities continue
their inaction from fear of
being accused of racism for going
after these groups of predominately
Pakistani men. One
victim who was interviewed by the
Daily Express said she knew several
other girls who had gone to the
police and were told they were
being racist.
More Important: Ending Rape
or Ending Whining?
It wouldn’t be surprising if
this fear were still motivating officials.
In 2015, the group British
Muslim Youth called on Muslims
in Rotherham to cut ties with the
police because, they claimed, all
Muslims were being painted with
the same brush. The Muslim community
would “boycott” Muslims
who didn’t join with them. According
to the BMY, Islamaphobia had
risen to “unprecedented levels”
after the Jay report was published
in 2014, and Muslims were being
It’s entirely possible that
Muslims in general took some unfair
heat after a scandal like this.
But that doesn’t mean the government
and police don’t have a
solemn responsibility to speak
plainly about and take seriously allegations
of criminal activity, regardless
of the suspects’ profile.
This line of reasoning always
creeps up when criticism of
Muslims or Islam arises. Try to
talk about the dangers of Islamism
and its clear link to terrorism, or
the consequences of mass Muslim
immigration, and one is liable to be
branded a bigot and told one’s
making the problem worse by encouraging
a backlash against the
Muslim community.
The London Times, which
first broke the story of one of the
victims and her abusers in 2013,
was subsequently accused of being
racist because it impli-

cated Pakistani men in the scandal.
This confirmed the fears of some
Rotherham officials that many
would not welcome prosecutions
and arrests of Pakistanis.
These kinds of overreactions from
Muslim activists are exactly what
scares police and government officials,
discouraging them from investigating
and prosecuting crimes
committed by their Muslim immigrant
This Is a Widespread Problem
It isn’t just happening in
Britain. The same phenomenon can
be seen across the European continent.
German officials repeatedly
tried to cover up the mass sexual
assaults that occurred on New
Year’s Eve in cities across the
country. First, they tried to keep
what had happened out of the
news, then insisted it had nothing
to do with migrants or men from
Muslim-majority countries. When
it finally came out that the attackers
were, in fact, predominately
from the Middle East and North
Africa, German officials tried to
downplay the extent of the attacks.
To the German government’s chagrin,
news broke just last month
that there were many more assaults
than previously thought—more
than 1,200 victims and more than
2,000 attackers.
We can get an insight into
the motivations behind these kinds
of official cover-ups by looking at
a less well-known example. In January,
a left-wing German politician
was raped in a playground by three
men speaking Arabic or Farsi.
When she reported the crime to the
police, she lied and said the men
were speaking German.
Twelve hours later she went back
and told the truth, claiming she
hadn’t wanted to create “more hatred
against migrants in Germany.”
In all these cases, the truth
didn’t conform with the official
narrative about Muslim immigration:
that everything’s going swimmingly.
In reality, the
unwillingness of the government,
politicians, and police to confront
crime committed by the Muslim
immigrant population is a sign that
Europe has a deep and troubling
integration crisis on its hands. Europe
can’t integrate immigrants if it
doesn’t hold them to the same standards
as the native European population.
Equality Under the Law Matters
There are ominous signs
this failure of integration is being
transferred to the younger generation
of immigrants. In the Rotherham
case, it appears that it’s no
longer just older Pakistani men
who are targeting these young
girls. It’s now also the girls’ peers.
If European law enforcement
agencies give immigrants
from Muslim countries special
treatment, the consequences on all
fronts will only be harmful. It will
fuel far-right groups, allow crime
to go unchecked, and create more
strife between Muslims and non-
Muslims. It also infantilizes Muslim
communities by treating them
as too fragile to be held to the social
and legal expectations of their
new home.
This failure of integration
has been going on for decades and
is now reaching a fevered pitch.
Europe sowed these seeds of discord
long ago and now it’s seeing
the fruits. Many immigrants and
their families have done just fine in
Europe. But as we’re seeing almost
weekly, many have not.
Rotherham is a particular
disgrace because it shows that once
again multiculturalism trumps
everything, including the safety of
young girls. The shocking revelations
about Rotherham two years
ago should have resulted in a final
repudiation of European political
correctness. Sadly, it didn’t.
And some of England’s most vulnerable
residents are paying the
M.C. Oprea
A writer based in Austin, Texas.
She holds a PhD in
French linguistics from the
University of Texas at Austin.


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