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Thursday, 15 September 2016 15:00

Florida Springs Restoration Summit Featured

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Florida's fresh water
springs are in danger of excessive
groundwater pumping and pollution.
To help insure the restoration
and protection of these springs
there will be a Florida Springs
Restoration Summit that will take
place on Friday September 30th
and Saturday October 1st. Dozens
of invited leaders and experts are
expected to show and share their
piece of the objective at the college
of central Florida in Ocala at
the Harvey R. Klein Conference
Center located at 3001 SW College
On day one and two of the
summit there will be a mix of short
presentations led by the invited
participants with a particular aspect
of springs science, policy,
and management. These speakers
will provide the most current data
on the science and trends of the
springs. These discussions will be
available to explore and identify
future goals and a vision for
springs and the tools 

to lead us to healthy and protected
Groundwater that was once
plentiful and clean is now depleted
and polluted," said Dr. Robert
Knight, Director of the Howard T.
Odum Florida Springs Institute. In
spite of recent funding, years of research
and protection, these springs
are now in jeopardy.
On Sunday October 2nd
participants will observe the Silver
River while paddling the river to
view its beauty and explore
restoration activities. Among these
participants will be reporters,
artists, scientists, academics, policy
makers, and leading advocates
such as the Honorable Gwen Graham
U.S. Representatives FL 2nd
District to be a keynote speaker on
Saturday at the summit.
During the Springs Summit
these discussions will go beyond
springs health and management.
They intend to gather as
many remedies that will generate
long-term protection and meaningful
restoration that will last generations.
They will be presenting
examples of successful tools and
activities that will help prepare for
the next steps of restoration. Short
presentations and discussions will
be led by invited experts as well as
legal and legislative remedies to
help with this restoration summit to
help educate anyone who attends.
"We are excited about the
holistic approach of the Summit
and are hopeful that participants
will leave with tools they need to
help advance protection and
restoration of our springs and
spring sheds," said Dr. Katie Tripp,
Director of science and conservation
for the save the Manatee Club.
All the knowledge gained from the
summit will be consolidated into a
Springs Restoration Action Plan
for Florida. The steps to support
the implemented plan will be available
to participants after the Summit.
Many organizations came
together to help host this Summit.
The Florida Springs Council,
Florida Springs Institute, Save the
Manatee club, Sea to Shore Alliance,
and Normandeau Associates
are the organizations that helped
make this Summit a reality. This is
an issue everyone should be
knowledgeable about considering
our drinking water comes from our
springs not to mention the destruction
of our beautiful state.
Everyone is invited and encouraged
to participate to help
make these meaningful springs
restoration a reality. Conference
attendees will have ample opportunity
to ask questions of presenters
during panel discussions. "For
someone who really wants to learn
about this, this is the best way to
get all the information at once,"
said Heather Obara , Associate Director
of the Institute (Suwannee
Valley Times). Anyone can attend
and become part of an informed
group of participants who can work
together to recognize threats and
follow through on implementing
restoration and protection actions.
The cost to attend the
Springs Summit has been kept low
to encourage participation by
members of the public and nonprofit
organizations. We encourage
organizations, businesses, agencies,
and other interested parties to
show their support for springs by
becoming a sponsor.
Colin Conley

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