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Wednesday, 21 December 2016 17:18

Guest Editorial Featured

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Another year is about to turn the page on the calander and the busy season is upon us once more. While I have been in this area for the past 23 years, I have come to love this small community of Fort Myers Beach that I call home.
Many of you have called the paper office to tell us what a great job we are doing, and the letters to the Editor have been very supportive of all the changes we have implemented over the past three months.
We are slowly increasing our local writing staff of Al DiPasquale and Patsy Berliner, writer and Editor Jennifer VanderWest, recently bringing in Sarah Nicholson from Bonita, Alexandra Sargent from Kelley’s Treats at the Lani Kai, also getting regular submissions from William Wehunt from Fort Myers, Dave Bowman of Fort Myers, and Mark Stiggs from North Fort Myers.
We have also added some classic comic strips and syndicated with world class writers to bring more variety of topics to you.
Our Sunset Photo contest has been well received and we have over a dozen entries for this week’s contest.
We thank you for your support and look forward to improving with each new issue that hits the street.
The many changes you have notices are due to a change in ownership of the paper. The Sun Bay Paper was co-founded by Trent Townsend and Carl Conley last summer, I came on board as the production manager and have been putting it together since July, 2015.
The original plan was that Carl would be involved full time for the first year to a year and a half and then he would retain a small percentage of the paper but 90% ownership would be with Trent, well things changed and that didn’t happen.
This past April, Carl approached me about coming on as a partner with him and we came to an agreement.
When June/July came around Carl started talking about his original plan to get out after a year or so. We started negotiations on the subject of my buying the whole paper. As of October this year we came to a deal and I have been the sole 100% owner of “The Sun Bay Paper.”
Carl will probably submit some stories as he did submit the Editorial, just after the election when Trump won on Nov. 8th.
Many people don’t remember my working at the Sand Paper with Carl back in 2000-2002, I started there as a volunteer and worked my way up from selling ads, taking pictures of bands, writing articles, to doing the production work, the paper was getting busier in 2002 and Carl told me if I wanted to stay involved I would have to be full time but my other business -Armando’s Day Spa- was also getting busier and I could not do both so I stopped working at the Sand Paper and focused on my Spa.
Now my spa is well established, I only work on clients that specifically request me so my time is available to focus my attention with the paper.
My name is Robert Mimmo, most of you know me as Bobby, over the past 16 years, I have lived on the beach, I have tried to be a positive influence in our Community. I have supported every fundraiser that has presented themselves to me at Armando’s for donation or gift certificates, I have no axes to grind and only hope to bring you a good read.
We are not trying to be like the Sand Paper or the Observer, they have the beach politics and town hall covered. Having said that, we will be covering the beach, but also a much larger distribution area. Thus, we hope to bring a broader prospective and while we will be printing opposing views, we are trying to bring a much needed conservative voice to our area.
I waited until now to announce the change of ownership because I wanted to make some changes slowly while improving our content.
For those of you who are good friends with Carl, I hope you can see we are still putting out a good paper (since we took over in October) and still welcome your continued input, comments and submissions.
For those of you that do not consider yourselves friends of Carl, I hope you will take another look at us and know we welcome your comments, input and submissions.


Bobby Mimmo
Owner &
Production Manager

Like President elect Trump,
I also believe that political correctness is out of hand, it has become a bane
to our society, Correct in it’s
original form, meaning lets not be mean to people who are not able to look after themselves, it has now arrived to a place where you can’t say anything
criticle about anything without it being labled as cruel or offensive to someone.
There are over 70% of
Americans that identify themselves
as Christian so I believe using the
traditional Merry Christmas greeting
is appropriate.
To my Jewish friends
Happy Chanukah, and Happy Holidays
to everyone else!

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