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Tuesday, 19 January 2016 09:08

FMB Fire District Set to Sign New Fire Chief Featured

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Matt Love (left) from Colorada Springs, CO Matt Love (left) from Colorada Springs, CO

The Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District has yet to sign a contract with Matt Love, the man they’ve pegged to be the Fire Chief. However, the contract is in his hands and Fire Commissioner Bob Raymond is confident he will be signed very soon, possibly by the end of the week. Love currently serves as Chief at the Cimarron Hills Fire Department in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“It’s tentative until it gets signed, but I think it’s a done deal,” Raymond said. “I’m excited, because I really like what this guy brings to the table.” He gives most of the credit for the negotiations to the FMB Fire District Commission Chair Carol Morris.

In addition to this impending signing, the District is also in line to obtain new equipment that will help their ability to reach people all over the Beach, regardless of obstacles such as traffic. With a maximum budget of $30 thousand, the District has been approved to look into the purchase of one of two types of 4x4 vehicles that will offer them greater mobility.

“It can pick up a patient and take it to a waiting ambulance,” Raymond said. “This thing can work on sand, and go on sidewalks. This new vehicle is an answer to the beach traffic we experience here, and we’ve needed this all along.”

Raymond expects the district will obtain the fully-equipped vehicle within the next 45 days.

By Trent Townsend

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