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Friday, 21 May 2021 10:16

FM Beach Town Hall Meeting: May 17th report Featured

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The meetings usually begin with public comment but that was preluded with discussion of the timing requirements for the performance evaluation of the town manager and the approval of the final agenda.

If you were a speaker and I got your name wrong, I will apologize in advance, but it isn't posted anywhere and hard to hear.

First speaker for public comment was Janet Kirtin? asking why Beach Talk Radio was denied a permit to broadcast from Times Square, and asking for consistency from the Town Council.
Next was Jessie Hallman? subject: Consistency of permitting process in zoning and building. Talking about the new zoning change ... "10 foot setback" ... he said "other residence of the community whom filed in Jan and Feb were granted an extension on that 10 foot setback reducing it back to the 7 foot 6 setback.... and I ask the council to consider allowing me that same extension to the 7 foot 6 setback on my lot so I can continue with my project"

His second issue with planning and zoning, he purchased a property that has plants that were legally permitted for plants in the old setbacks, but now that he wants to move his home 3 feet in the air, without disturbing the plants at all, he is told it is now encroaching the new setbacks. Asking for consistency in zoning, and where he can find said rules that prevent me from lifting a home from its original footprint 3 feet in the air.

Third speaker was Tommy Kolar from Light House Resort, subject: Sidewalk from Crescent Street and 3rd Street connecting to Old San Carlos being proposed by the town. Stating they like the sidewalk Idea, asking for it to be put in at ground level like another property on San Carlos where it seems to work very well.

Town Council continues to review location options to provide Mooring Field upland services.

In continued discussion about acquiring or building a facility to be owned by the Town to provide upland services for Matanzas Harbor Mooring Field, Town Councilors reviewed a list of seven possible sites at their regular meeting on Monday, May 17.

These four sites were chosen for further review by Town Council:

• Property for sale at the north end of the island on Estero Boulevard

• Property at San Carlos Maritime Park on San Carlos Island owned by Lee County

• Lots behind Town Hall on Chapel Street that are privately owned

• Bay Oaks Recreational Campus

In other business related to the Mooring Field;

Town Council authorized staff to apply for and execute a grant agreement for approximately $41,000 with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for the Clean Vessel Act Grant.

Town Councilors also:

• Approved allocating $15,000 from the Town Hall remodeling project to contract for monitoring and surveying the beach profile along the entire length of Fort Myers Beach, and surveying the burrow area offshore of North Estero Island;

• Authorized the Town Manager to execute the professional services agreement for beach renourishment not to exceed $170,000 and allocate the funds to be reimbursed by the Tourism Development Council (TDC);

• Conducted first public hearing on Ordinance 21:04 for amendment to the Land Development Code related to residential uses and setbacks on non-conforming lots and administrative setback variances; second public hearing is scheduled for the June 7 Town Council meeting;

• Authorized vacation of a portion of the School Street Right of Way to the Lee County School Board;

• Authorized the Town Manager to execute a supplemental task authorization with Tetra Tech for additional services not to exceed $241,780 for North Estero Phase 2 Side Street water and stormwater improvements.

During Councilmember, Town Manager, and Town Attorney reports, topics included a proclamation to designate May 18 as Casey Bishop Day for her success with the American Idol Show on ABC.

Dates for the Lee County Household Chemical Waste Collection days at Bay Oaks.

Use of the FMB Community Pool by a community organization.

Council employee’s review process,

the Lee County Sheriff’s Office search for a new space for the outreach center.

Lake Okeechobee water releases and Red Tide,

and ................ using feral cats to control rats. yup you read that right!


Town Council meetings are broadcast live on YouTube and Comcast Channel 98.

The next Town Council meeting will be held on Monday, June 7, 2021, at 9 a.m.,at Town Hall, 2525 Estero Boulevard.

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