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Friday, 04 September 2015 11:07

ECCL Updated by Lee Memorial on Coconut Point Health Sites

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Mike Moss and Suzanne Bradach Mike Moss and Suzanne Bradach

The Estero Council of Community Leaders held their monthly meeting at the Estero Community Park Recreation Center this past Friday, August 28, where they hosted Mike Moss and Suzanne Bradach of the Lee Memorial Healthcare System in a discussion about the upcoming Healthy Lifestyle Center and Healthcare Village Planning Efforts.

Bradach noted that the Healthy Lifestyle Center aims to open in Coconut Point sometime in December, while construction of the Healthcare Village south of Coconut Point is set for 2016.

“Our vision for the Healthcare Village is a place that focuses on health and wellness,” Moss said. According to him, it would be a place where people could get advice on healthy life plans and information on medical issues. They would also network visitors into places they can get proper services.

“We have tons of ideas,” Moss said. “But we want ideas from the community on what they want.”

The ECCL also had a discussion on the Interim Comprehensive Plan introduced by planner Bill Spikowski at an Estero Planning & Zoning Board Meeting earlier in the month. It was a meeting where discussion was dominated by developers opposed to the plan, an imbalance noted by many.

“I was disappointed by how the meeting turned out,” Estero Council member Bill Ribble, attending the ECCL meeting as a guest, said. “We want developers to come up with some plans, rather than just oppose whatever is presented.”

Ribble also spoke on the ECCL’s relationship with the Village Council, and the importance of communication between the two.

“One village, one voice,” Ribble said, referring to an issue brought up by Mayor Nick Batos earlier this year. Batos spoke on his concerns about various citizen groups in Estero contacting the Lee County government directly with their ideas and concerns, bypassing the Council. “We need to negotiate with the County with one voice. Mayor Batos was elected to be that voice, and deserves that respect. He’s our mayor, and he represents us.”

Ribble also gave the board an update on the Council’s search for a permanent Village Manager, stating that 80 candidates have applied for the position, and that Colin Baezinger will soon be presenting them with the top 7 or 8 candidates. He also said that Interim Town Manager Peter Lombardi did not apply for the permanent position.

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