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Monday, 16 November 2020 13:15

Armando’s Day Spa Celebrates 20 Years On Fort Myers Beach Featured

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This week, on 11-11-2020, Armando’s Day Spa celebrated its 20 year Anniversary... Not an easy feat on Fort Myers Beach, as the past two decades have seen a significant change in the landscape as well as the coming and going of many, many businesses.

It all started with Hurricane Charlie in 04', which though a diverting from a direct hit on the beach was still the first devastating natural disaster to hit our shore in over 20 years, strangely enough with the influx of all the insurance money that poured into the area causing a real estate boom in the area.... setting for the crash years later. then the BP oil spill in the panhandle, the real the bubble bursting in the estate market, multiple red tides with the worst in recent decades just a few years ago, ruining the next few years of tourism and then............. this year when season finally looked like it was shaping up as a season of good times ago... the pandemic, Covid - 19. strikes ........and everything comes to a screeching halt.


Nonetheless, Armando's still prevailed, with an understanding landlord Fred DePalma, who worked with them through those troubled times and a lot of loans, they survived. "For now, we still have to see how this pandemic plays out" added Owner Bobby Armando, as many friends and clients call him.

I asked the owner what he thinks makes his spa special. He said " I bore easily, this massage is always different, before massage, all my life I tried anything and everything work wise, I would always get to a point in whichever job I was in and say to myself 'really? This is what you want to do for the rest of your life?' Sometimes that was on the first day, sometimes it was a week, maybe two or longer, but always before I was at a job for two years I would have that thought and move on to another job adventure, I re­member one job, in my early years, I never returned from lunch on my first day. But not with Massage!



"Massage is never boring, I could have 3 clients in a row that all have the same complaints, let's say for instance they all tell me on their intake form that they have lower back issues and Sciatica on the left side, .... even though they are all saying the same thing, each massage will be different due to multiple variables, are they skinny, or not, tall, short, what illnesses are they also dealing with..... what is their line of work, are they a hairdresser or dental tech. who have their arms up all day... are they a cashier who scan items all day with one hand, or are they on the computer 8 hours a day? What other repetitive things are they doing in their job or home life? .........Although there will be similarities, It's always different, each client is a new puzzle we have to figure out."


" I was an instructor of Massage Therapy for over 14 years," he continued, "teaching at "The Academy" and at "Sunstate" both here in Fort Myers. I knew how receiving Massage training changed my life and I wanted to be able do that for others, in that time I trained over 1,200 students, I'm very proud of that, also It gave me the opportunity to personally select therapist who were passionate about what we do... We have a wonderful, caring and loyal staff.... and we want to be sure that when you come in, you agree with the great reviews you read on line about us.... I like that.... it keeps us on our toes to make sure we do a great job with each client!"


The owner then added "To celebrate our 20th Anniversary, we will be holding a 'previous customer'. 'potential new customer' and 'staff' appreciation party, it will be held in the early afternoon at the Bayfront Bistro at Snook Bight Marina located at 4765 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach, FL 3393, Behind the Beach Publix,
We were planning to have it next week.

Unfortunately due to Tropical Storm ETA the final details were not able to be worked out, at this point.... it will be probably be during the first week of December.”

We will provide great food prepared by Chef Oscar, various appetizers and attendees will be able to receive a Free additional $25 Gift Certificate for every $100 Gift Certificate purchased at the event. Look for the date of the party to be announced in the next issue of the paper, and on our Facebook page.

I also had a chance to speak with spa manager, Colleen LoRae, an Esthetician and Massage Therapist, I asked her what makes Armando's Special...

"One of the things that makes Armando's really special is the way we approach each massage and try to understand and assess each client's needs and customize each session, incorporating a whole body approach. No two clients are alike and neither are our massages or facials. " 

"We approach each session very scientifically and use all our skills and all the tools in our tool box as needed. From table warmers to loosen up the back muscles, aromatherapy to stimulate the senses, stretching to get the body back to its normal balance, the ancient knowledge of reflexology, hot towels, hot stones, relaxing music.... all of it ... focused on making this person, this body .... better. We approach each massage the same way we approach each facial .... we custom tailor the treatment to suit this client's needs."

"The other huge benefit to the client is that they don't have to decide exactly what kind of massage they want and they don't have to guess at what they need based on the treatment they may have received at other spas. We are professionals and we approach each massage as if it is the most important massage we will ever do."

"My favorite part about working at Armando's is that our clients come back to us again and again and we have an opportunity to build a rapport with them and get to know them and their needs and preferences."

"Our clients are like family to us. And at Armando's we work as a team. There is no competition. We are all on the same team and are there to serve our clients. And because we are a team, we're there for the long-term and our clients can request their regular therapist or esthetician. At some of the larger spas, they may never see the same person twice because spa policy or huge therapist turn over."

"I love that we are a specialty day spa." she continued, "We are great at what we do and we don't try to offer so many services, knowing that we can't be great at all of them. We limit our services to massages, facials, body waxing, body treatments, Lipo Melt weight loss and detoxing the body. We do not offer hair or nails services but we are always happy to make referrals to quality salons in our area that do."

"We are unique and that is a huge part of what makes us special. It is also a huge part of what makes us so successful. We love our clients and our clients love us. Our online reviews are living proof of that."

So even if you've never been there before, pencil  in on your  calendar as soon as we announce the date........ for this Anniversary Party and meet these nice people who work and those who visit Armando's Day Spa.

Armado’s is located at 2101 Estero Blvd. F M Beach, Fl 33931 and you can reach them at : 239-565-0282.


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