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Tuesday, 05 September 2017 09:22


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e of criminal investigation of the Clintons that made the FBI the best law enforcement Agency in the world; pick a weak link, with no loyalty/reason to lie and go after him, to get him/them to “roll”. Good examples I sited were Uma Aberdeen, John Podesta, Cheryl Mills and especially the man responsible for Hillary’s secret server who refused to testify, Pagliano. There was and still is Probable Cause to obtain arrest warrants for ALL of them, right now! Charge them, serve search warrants and Grand Jury subpoenas and do good criminal interviews. I believed then, as I do now, that they will cave on Obama and Hillary! I couldn’t understand how Comey could allow an “interview” of Hillary softer than a cocktail party…until now!
I have to admit, I was dead wrong about Comey. I thought he was an honest FBI Director. Boy, was I wrong…I’m sorry!
Comey has been “in the tank” for Obama, his entire administration, and ESPECIALLY the Clintons! I see now, he had NO intention of putting Hillary or anyone Obama in jail! That fully explains the “interview” of Hillary with 5 attorneys and 1 witness. Agents NEVER interview SUBJECTS in front of their attorney, NEVER!
What you are now seeing former Director Mueller do is exactly what I mean! He’s doing type of FBI criminal investigation I have been calling for; that Comey should have done and the FBI does when it is SERIOUS about solving and prosecuting a case, unlike what they did on the Hillary matter!
It was “leaked”, by Mueller’s people, that a month ago they interviewed Paul Manafort, THEN, the next morning, executed a search warrant! That’s the way it’s supposed to be done…a surprise at 4:30 in the morning, with force; treat him like a criminal!!! 
KAY, “Why wasn’t that done by COMEY on ANY of the NUMEROUS Hillary staffers”? That is what everyone, especially, President Trump, should be asking! If “I” understand why…so should the President and his Attorneys!
Mr. President, let there be NO DOUBT in your mind…Mueller and his pals are out to nail you to the wall and you had better go on the offensive, without concern of Political Correctness! If Comey were after Hillary, he would have, should have been hunting and targeting a “weak link” to roll. That is EXACTLY what Mueller is doing, and don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise!!!He is going to flip Manaford and you better hope he doesn’t have anything on anybody close to you!
As President, you have the authority, responsibility and DUTY to take charge! Remove DAG Rosenstein and the Deputy FBI Director McCabe, and replace both with your choices, it’s your right as President to have YOUR appointees in critical positions and NOT the appointees of other Presidents, it’s your right!  Put a “temporary” hold on the Special Prosecutor and his “team” until the Chief Executive and Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the US ( that’s YOU, Mr. President)  has had a chance to review all the facts to make a determination if Mueller and any of his team “enjoy” a conflict of interest with anyone involved in the investigations; is there sufficient evidence (PC) from a 10 month FBI investigation, to support a 100 million dollar investigation and can we “afford” another investigation!!! As FBI Director, Mueller would have NEVER ALLOWED the CONFLICTS of INTEREST that he is now creating…think about that!
ORDER Sessions and the FBI to reopen the Hillary “matters” with NO DEALS, unless it involves testimony AGAINST OBAMA!!! 
Keep the Mueller matter on a “pause” status, until a new DAG, that you appointed, is up and running and can make his own, “independent” and impartial, unbiased opinion of things and then take appropriate action on the Special Prosecutor!!
If you don’t, your administration is done! What they are doing is unlawful, unethical, improper and NO-ONE is backing you up. So take charge of YOUR DOJ and do it now, it will not get better and it doesn’t matter that you and your family did nothing wrong. A Grand Jury can indict a “ham sandwich”, so defend the integrity of your DOJ NOW! Mueller and his “conflicted army” of Hillary supporters are after you for whatever they can find, embellish or make up!!! Let there be NO DOUBT!
J Gary DiLaura
F.B.I. Retired
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