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Monday, 26 February 2018 13:24


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I know the left leaders won’t tell you this or admit to this, but you just had 8 years of as close to lawlessness as we can have and still have some resemblance of a Republic!

To remind you what Obama said and actually did, Barack Obama told us he was going to “fundamentally change” America…make her “less” war like, more “peaceful” like Islam, more European like! He decimated our Military, and opened the doors to gays, lesbians, and transgender soldiers…just what an Army needs to kill our enemies! He reduced our nuclear armament by 5,000 warheads and virtually stopped maintenance on planes and equipment and training for our soldiers and flyers! I am speaking fact and not supposition folks…just read what our new Military leaders are saying!

Obama showed his total distain for Law Enforcement repeatedly, but made clear his intentions when he appointed Eric Holder as his Attorney General. Those of us in Law Enforcement know what Eric Holder is and Obama is out of the same mold!

Eric Holder is by far, without any exception, the worst Attorney General; the most anti police, anti Law, AG, we have ever had! He is a bigger racist, and bigot than the most red neck, militant, white supremacist, KKK members there ever was. What made him so bad is that he was so powerful! He was the 2nd highest “Law Enforcement” person in the country. Through the most corrupt DOJ, we ever had, he refused to prosecute Black Panther cop killers, who took time off from cop killing, to harass white voters. I remember that group and their history because I worked some of their cop killings, bank robberies and the “off shoot” groups, like the Black Liberation Army. Remember Hewey Newton, the cop killer…the one who started the Black Panther Party? He’s the one that, none other than Hillary Clinton, helped to get off by trying to find Civil Rights violations on the cops Newton killed!

Holder also sent teams of racist lawyers, that he called “investigators”, who were DOJ Militant Civil Rights Attorneys with, in my opinion, orders to find dirt on the Ferguson Police , and New Orleans Police. His “investigator” lawyers were held in contempt of court by those Federal Judges for Witness Tampering, Evidence Tampering, Obstruction, violating Court orders and intimidating witnesses, to get them to change their stories. Did Holder suspend his employees and open Administrative Inquiries to see if the 2 different Federal Judges were lying? No… Holder did NOTHING!

His DOJ Attorneys, that he sent to Texas to fight the Immigration case involving 23 States…were held in contempt of court, for disobeying Federal Court orders and barred from appearing in ANY of those 23 Federal jurisdictions! What did he do to them? Again, nothing!

He later put Border Patrol Officers in jail and let the Illegal aliens go!

Oh…! I almost forgot, Holder is the first and only U S Attorney General, EVER, to be held in Contempt of Congress!

Regarding Obama’s distain for the Police…he supported Black Lives Matter and invited them to the White House! He opened the prison doors …and “Katie Bar the Door”…out they came. Obama took the side of any black person who was involved with the police in any incident, before he knew any facts, and condemned the actions of the Police…EVERY time! He refused to call Islamic Terrorism…Islamic Terrorism! He refused to fight ISIS and said that as long as he was President we will not be at war with Islam! He gave Aid and Comfort to the Muslim Brotherhood (F-16 Fighters, tanks…you name it) and gave Iran, 1.7 billion dollars, the biggest State sponsor of terrorism in the World, according to the rest of the World!!!

His plan to destroy our Military was working and he needed a way to destroy the best Law Enforcement Agency in the world…the FBI. So…Obama hired the most corrupt and either the ‘dumbest” or the “smartest”, FBI Director that the FBI has ever seen, James Comey.

In my opinion, Obama told Comey to destroy the FBI because Comey was on a path to do just that! He destroyed America’s confidence in the I wrong? Why did Comey do it and how did Comey do it? Is he dumb or did he foster a brilliant plan for destruction?

What made the FBI great was its relationship with the Public and the crime solving that the Public did for us!! So Comey set out to destroy that relationship! Comey installed some type of phone system that made it almost impossible for the public to talk to an Agent… I am speaking from experience! I tried many times to provide info, ask questions, and could not get through to the Agent in Charge, Assistant Agent in Charge, a Supervisor…anybody. A few weeks ago I was given info that I recognized was very important. I hesitated to put in the call to the Buffalo Office because of the difficulty everyone was having getting through to an Agent. In this call, I insisted and finally got through to an Agent! I learned my info was indeed, important and found out that all incoming calls go to headquarters and THEY route the calls!...and you aren’t going to believe this, but the recording I first received, actually said, “If this is an emergency, hang up and call 911”…I kid you not! If I, a former Agent, former Supervisor can’t get through…neither can you!

I submit, in my opinion, that’s probably how that call from a concerned citizen to report on Nikolas Cruz, got “lost”!


Comey puts two people, who know absolutely NOTHING about criminal investigations, in charge of the biggest ,best , Criminal Investigative Agency in the “World “! I’m talking about Andy McCabe and Peter Strzok! What made the FBI the best law enforcement agency was its Crime fighting ability, NOT it’s “intelligence gathering” ability!! I’m guessing that neither McCabe nor Strzok ever worked a criminal case nor took one to trial and that Hillary Clinton was probably Strzok’s FIRST criminal interview!

If you want to keep the best Crime Fighting Agency …the best… do you place the best criminal Agents at the top or the worst? In my opinion, these two characters gathered intelligence information from computers, their entire careers, and knew nothing about Crime fighting! If I am wrong, why did they break every Rule in the book regarding interviewing, investigating and making a criminal case against Hillary and totally screw up an EASY case to make? They have her signed, no way out, no excuses, Non Disclosure Agreement that only requires that she violate the agreement; no criminal intent necessary!

When Comey throws these two under the bus, I would have to say that the conniving SOB is brilliant…first he gets Hillary off the hook, gets back at Trump, destroys the FBI and blames the two guys he hired! Jim, you should become a Democrat Presidential Candidate (when you get out of jail)…your corruption expertise has few rivals!

Comey broke the law and broke the back of the FBI when he “got Hillary Clinton off the hook”! The American people aren’t stupid. The evidence Comey laid out, was overwhelming against Hillary…the American people know what she did… they understand common sense, which is nothing more than Probable Cause! Then “he” declines prosecution, which he can’t do, but did anyway!!! You decide… Comey…smart or stupid?

If you read the articles I wrote before President Trump was sworn in, I suggested, in the strongest terms possible, that he clean out DOJ of all Obama appointees and replace every single Attorney in DOJ, Civil Rights Section! I called for Jim Kallstrom or a Retired , Former Agent to take the FBI Job because you need to be an Agent in order to understand the FBI! There hasn’t been a FBI Director since Hoover who could find his own ass with his own two hands except for Freed!

If the FBI doesn’t go back to direct contact with the public and Crime Fighting besides Intelligence gathering, many more calls and lives will be lost in the abyss! Real Agents, don’t let important calls go unattended!

Again, get rid of electronic phone answering and McCabe, Strzok, Page and DOJ Rosenstein, Ohr and the others who signed the FISA warrants; prosecute Comey, Hillary, Yates, Lynch, Holder and keep going to the top, Obama! Lead by example and enforce the laws!
Our Rule of Law…Applies to All!

J Gary DiLaura
Retired FBI Agent

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