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Thursday, 12 December 2019 08:43


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These “Democrat” Congressman, the leaders who want a socialist government, have ignored our Rule of Law to an extreme that shows the voting public what Socialism is all about! The Democrat Party wants to do away with your Constitution and then Rule by Majority, democrat/socialism. There is no Equal Rights Amendment (14th) in the new Socialist Democracy that you are observing Congressman Schiff and Pelosi exhibit. There is no Due Process (6th Amendment). The Socialist Left sets the Rule of Law!

I wonder what “Professor “  Pamela Karlan would say if accused of a serious crime, like raping a 5 year old little boy, by an anonymous source, whose identity is protected by a whistle blower. When she asks to “confront and cross examine” her accuser under the Federal Rules and Due Process, she is advised there is none in her proceeding. When she asks to put forth her own witnesses and be entitled to an attorney under due process she is told there is no due process…the Majority Rules…this is what you teach, Pam, what you asked for and what you participated in when you helped to impeach a Duly Elected President. You should have been more careful of what you asked!

That is EXACTLY what Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler are doing!

Let me explain… In our Republic ALL US Citizens have the Constitutional Right to Due Process, the 6th Amendment and to Equal Rights, the 14th Amendment? Read them! Due Process is the Right to an Attorney, the Right to face their accusers, the right to cross examine witnesses, the Right to present witnesses, the Right to follow the Best Evidence Rules, where Hearsay is NOT admissible in any court of law in the US and much more! That is the 6th Amendment to your Constitution… nowhere in our Law…nowhere in our Constitution…nowhere in the House Rules does it say “the Constitution and its sixth Amendment applies to all proceedings where someone is accused of a crime, except in the case of impeachment of the President.

Let there be no doubt in your minds that this President is being accused of multiple crimes and “high misdemeanors”, by Law Makers who are disregarding the laws that their “branch of government” created.

So why hasn’t the President’s staff of Attorneys gone to a “friendly” Federal District and obtained an Injunction against the illegal, Congressional Impeachment Proceedings… like the left does with the 9th Circus when the President puts forth executive orders on Immigration or anything else?

Listen… if “they”, the left, can obtain an injunction against a Presidential order then “we” can obtain an injunction against “them”! This is an illegal “impeachment by “Hearsay and Majority Rule”… are they nuts…? If these are equal branches of government and if there is still an “Equal Rights Amendment” then we can obtain a Court Order ,ordering Pelosi to Cease and Desist.

In any court in the United States where an Accused has been denied Due Process, the Presiding Judge will dismiss any and all charges and not allow the prosecution to continue! How is this different?

That is just one of the many reasons why the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the United States, President Trump, is refusing to allow any of his staff to participate in an illegal impeachment process! There are many more reasons, like Article 2 in the Constitution…but wait we have no Constitution anymore…MAJORITY Rules…sorry…I forgot…but I though they hadn’t picked their left wing, red, commie, pinko candidate for President… hope-fools, like Warren, or Booker or Biden or Sanders or any one…take your pick, but unless you pick Trump…be careful of what you wish for, for Christmas, it will backfire!

The “Grinch”, our Constitution and Rule of Law will prevail and bite you on the ass!

The President is also the CEO of the Country and establishes and carries out his foreign Policy.

President Trump, by Article 2 of the Constitution, is the ONLY person who can investigate what transpired in the Ukraine when former VP Biden threatened former President Poroschenko to withhold 1.2 Billion dollars in approved US aid if he didn’t fire AG Shokin who was investigating Biden’s son, Hunter and his oil company! AG Barr could not, by law,(without the President’s approval) go to the Ukraine and ask the current President to help resolve who did what and what, if any US laws were violated by VP Biden or anyone else!

Now enter our real Rule of Law… United States Code ( USC)…Title18 Section 1951 USC STATES… “ Whoever in any way or degree obstructs, delays, or affects commerce or the movement of any article or commodity in commerce, by robbery or extortion or attempts or conspires so to do, or commits or threatens physical violence to any person or property in furtherance of a plan or purpose to do anything in violation of this section shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.”

Former VP Biden was dumb enough to say, on camera, that he committed Hobbs Act- Political Corruption-Extortion by threatening the then President Poroshenko. Did he really do that? Did he or his family benefit from the extortion” Did he really have Hussein Obama’s blessing, as he said? There are many questions that WE, the American Citizens, have about Joe Biden and demand answers and the President of the US is the only one who can get the answers…but if he does, a former VP, Biden, and  a current Presidential candidate, will probably go to jail…that’s the law and Trump is the Sheriff…get ‘em Mr President, he belongs in jail with his son!

President Trump NEVER asked Ukraine to create dirt on an opponent, he needs NO dirt to beat a “dirt bag” like Biden. Biden carries his dirt with him and puts it on video for all to see!  Dirt gathering is exactly what Hillary did with Russia, resulting in the Trump Dossier, another, Democrat, Fiction, Fabrication of Unverified, nonsense that resulted in a DEMOCRAT lead Special Counsel, Mueller.

Apparently asking a foreign government for dirt on an opponent, in an election, is legal! Hillary did it and Pelosi is okay with that!?

Special Counsel Mueller; a multimillion dollar Democrat hoax that Mueller said resulted in no evidence or wrong doing by this President …but that’s not what they wanted…it’s not good enough to impeach…so “let’s create something”, so create they did!

What we now have is this…in their careless rush to impeach they have committed numerous ,serious Felony crimes…Treason, Conspiracy to Overthrow a Duly Elected Official, Espionage, and many more, by the Speaker of the House, Congressmen Schiff, Swallow, and Nadler. They are trying to overthrow this government and a duly elected President!

AG Barr, what’s with you? Get these “law makers” before a Federal Grand Jury before the American people takes them seriously!!!


If what Biden said, in his own words (in law enforcement we call it a “confession”), is true then he absolutely violated T18S1951 USC!


Mr Barr please don’t turn out to be another do nothing AG like Jeff Sessions!

gary small

J. Gary Dilaura


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