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Wednesday, 15 March 2017 22:06

The Right Side: THE EVOLUTION OF LEAKS… Featured

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By law, the FBI is charged with security within the United States and the CIA is charged with the same OUTSIDE the US. That was the “way it was” until 9/11.

By the way, Osama Bin Laden picked 9/11, not because it’s our emergency call for help but because it was 9/11/1683 when a Christian army led by Jan III Sobieski, King of Poland, arrived at the Gates of Vienna to try and save Vienna from the marauding Turkish Muslims led by Pasha Kara Mustafa and defeated the Islamic Caliphate!

To digress, the Muslims were doing as Muslims have done since Mohammed came up with the idea of Islam! They had been plundering, murdering, and kidnapping anyone in their way. They had taken Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, attacked the Protestant Hungary, Polish Lithuania and had RETURNED to Vienna to try again to take Vienna! With 16,000 defending

Vienna, against 140,000 Turks, and after many months of battle, King Sobieski arrived with 40,000 Christians on 9/11/1683 and defeated the Islamic Caliphate. I thought you would be interested in knowing that

Up until our 9/11, there were two Rules of Law we had to use against Terrorism; The War Powers Act and Due Process. In other words, we had to either “kill them or tell them their rights”, sort of. They were no laws to deal with the problems we faced to fight Muslim Terrorists. A good example would be this scenario; when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and we shot down a pilot, before War was declared, Chucky Schumer and Nancy Pelosi would have us “tell them their rights and give them an attorney”. Oh yes they would!

So we needed a way to combat terrorism, without declaring war and without giving “captors” due process. Remember, this was “before” we knew what Islam is about and who the hell our enemy is. Al Gore told Ollie North in 1989 (Iran Contra Hearings) that he had no idea who Osama Bin Laden was, could not even pronounce his name and he was on a National

Security Committee! Col. North knew that Bin Laden was the “most dangerous terrorist” in the world! You, me and President Bush had never heard of Al Qaida either. But they had just killed 3,000 American infidels. “What’s an infidel”, was something we also heard? That’s how ignorant we ALL were but, NOT ANYMORE!!! To educate myself, I started reading Hadiths and the Koran and more.

Had we known then what we know now, Congress probably have declared war on Islam! But they did the best they could and came up with laws like The Patriot Act. The Patriot Act gave law enforcement the ability to intercept and share info from communications that new mobile communication hampered; cell phones and computers!

Up to that point, a Criminal FBI Agent, could not share investigative information with a Security Agent who sat across from him! That was a problem. I had a group of Pakistani bank robbers and tried to obtain info from a security Agent, Harry, who sat across from me and he couldn’t tell me! I took him to our boss and he said, “Harry’s right”!

I am not “up” on these new laws although I read just enough to be dangerous. The Patriot Act is new and FISA, is not really a new concept, EO12333 by Reagan 1981,but for the “sharing” provisions and strengthening of 12333 by EO13355by Bush and that leads us into the leaks part of this Column.

I have to say that the NSA does most of the eavesdropping, mostly FISA. The FBI does most of the Title III Warrants. There’s only 2 ways for Feds to “listen”, Title III (criminal) and FISA(security). I’ve worked on many Title III cases (protecting our tech installers) as well as monitoring, which is about the worst assignment in the FBI…boring! I know pretty much nothing about FISA!

Even today I would say NSA does probably 90%, an educated guess, of our “overhear “matters. The President has access to ALL of those matters and can listen to anything he feels he needs. They have, in their archives, conversations from Hillary to Obama to everyone in his Administration, or …at least they did! So…where do you think the leaks MUST originate?

Until 4 days, (that’s four), before President Trump’s inauguration, NSA and the FBI could not share info with other Agencies without adhering to a very strict set of non-sharing and minimization rules!!! Obama changed all of that with his cell phone and a pen, just 4 days, did I mention 4(FOUR) days, before the inauguration?

WHY? Well… you’re not stupid like Obama, Pelosi, and Schumer think you are, are you? The more people (16 more freaking AGENCIES to be exact) who have access to RAW data, that’s conversations WITHOUT minimization, the MORE CHANCE OF LEAKS and the HARDER TO FIND THE LEAKS???!!! Hey, Obama’s got to stay informed…c’mon man!

Why would a former President of the United States want to open up America and our “Secret” Stuff and make us more susceptible to leaks and make it MUCH LESS SECURE, easier to leak, putting America and ALL of us MUCH more at risk!? If his motive is “to overthrow our Presidency and our Rule Of Law”, it’s called TREASON!? If it’s because Obama is stupid, it’s still called Treason! If it’s because Obama wants to overthrow just President Trump, it’s still called Treason. If Obama IS a Muslim…then it sort of fits together, doesn’t it, and goes a long way towards motive, so…why did he seal, hide, refuse to show his Passport, College Records and other info?? I can’t think of any “good reason” why a former President would do something like that, just before he leaves office…can you?

President Trump has two choices as I see ; (1) He can leave this expansion of EO 12333 in place, leave the Obama submarines (traitors) in place and set them up OR (2) He can start dismantling what Obama did with the new EO and fire/replace most all of the NSA staffers AND “lifers” and open a RICO case on the Obama administration, (see the Sun Bay Paper,“RICO” 3-9-17!)

I can’t tell you what I would do but… I would tell President Trump!

J Gary DiLaura

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