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Wednesday, 13 September 2023 18:46

The ‘Big Guy’ Enigma: Decoding Emails and Biden's Mysterious Mentions

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Some of his supporters like to say Donald Trump is right…about everything. They may have a point when it comes to the ‘Big Guy’ questions surrounding Hunter Biden’s emails.

On the Nashville, Tennessee, presidential debate stage in October 2020, nearly three years ago, Trump asked Joe Biden point blank:

"You're the big man, I think. Your son said we have to give 10% to the big man. Joe, what's that all about? It's terrible."


On Tuesday, Kevin McCarthy, the House Speaker, officially turned a critical eye on Biden's history, seeking clarity on his vice-presidential days.

Republicans have steadily prodded at this. But with the new thrust of impeachment, the full scope of Biden's foreign entanglements might emerge.

China. Russia. Ukraine. Over $20 million leads back to the Bidens from these nations, as found by the Oversight Committee.

With impeachment in play, deeper dives are possible. The talk about Biden and his son's questionable deals isn't quiet.

McCarthy stood firm in the heart of Washington. "There's a cloud over us," he said. With the 2024 elections nearing, every move counts.”

The public is torn. Polls, including one from Harvard-Harris, show significant suspicion surrounding the Bidens, with 53% believing something is amiss.

Besides the ‘Big Guy’ enigma, other key questions include:

  • The secret emails: What's in them?
  • Hunter Biden's finances: What do they reveal about his father?
  • Who actually paid for Hunter’s artwork?
  • What Hunter associates did Biden meet with as VP?
  • Did Hunter’s dealings in China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, or Dubai, among other places, compromise Biden?
  • The Burisma Holdings allegations: Are there tapes?
  • The mysterious 2015 call from Dubai: Who did Hunter speak to?
  • Why the change in US policy toward former Ukrainian Prosecutor-General Viktor Shokin?

Last month, Just the News released emails that questioned Biden's push for Shokin's removal in exchange for aid. Biden has confirmed pushing for Shokin's ousting. He had frequent calls with Ukrainian leaders during that period.

Also, why did then-VP Biden meet with Hunter’s Chinese business associate in 2013 in Beijing? Hunter's ties with Chinese investment firms raise eyebrows, especially with his sizable stake in BHR Partners, a private investment fund founded in 2013, which is controlled by Bank of China Limited along with a partnership with Hunter Biden.

There are also concerns about Joe Biden's interactions with Hunter's business associates from Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan. Notable transactions and deals, like the $3.5 million transferred to a company linked to Hunter and business associate Devon Archer, warrant attention.

Other matters include Hunter's dealings with a controversial Romanian businessman and allegations of Hunter using his father's influence to pressure a Chinese business associate.

The clear-cut truth remains elusive. Many hope the impeachment process might bring a result, whether honest answers and vindication or a national scandal of a magnitude not seen since Watergate. Only time will tell.

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