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Monday, 28 March 2016 08:35

"Put America First For Once" Says Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu in Response to Mexico's Anti-Trump 'Citizenship Clinics'

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If there was ever a reason to be offended about other countries interfering in the internal politics of the United States, Mexico's recent effort to use its influence to "stop Donald Trump from becoming President," is wrong and sets a dangerous precedent , critics say.
"Mexican consulates here are now hosting “citizenship clinics” to make sure its people are able to vote, which will be “a Herculean task,” said news broadcaster and reporter, Neil Cavuto on his show, Your World.

An Arizona Sheriff in Pinal County - Paul Babeu - gave a public statement last Monday in reaction to Cavuto's report.

“This is unprecedented,” he told Cavuto, "from what I understand there are almost 500 people who will be attending a “citizenship meeting” to be held in Las Vegas.

“That’s troubling, that’s concerning,” Babeu continued. “Mexico and its diplomats are going all out to make this effort now during our election.”

The sheriff added that “it feeds into the whole Democrat playbook,” underscoring presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton's "promise to provide the 12 million-plus illegals who are here actual citizenship.”

“This is what’s at stake for our nation, in America, is the fact we have to stand up for our country, for Americans, for our rights for once,” said Babeu.

“Instead of putting illegals and people from foreign countries and other countries’ problems ahead of us. That’s got to stop. We’ve need to put America first for once.”

Clinton has long said that her influence in the Latino and other minority communities will translate into sufficient votes for her to win a "path to the Presidency."

While Blacks voted overwhelmingly for Obama and generally vote along racial lines, Hispanics have not been as predictable as many Hispanics who not only consider themselves "white" on census forms, but a sizeable number also identify with conservative, family values espoused by the Republican Party. Clinton has repeatedly said Latinos will vote for her, but the recent closed Primary in Florida did not support her contention.

This election cycle has seen a noted increase in the number of articles carried by large media groups opposing Donald Trump, telling readers he is racist or anti-immigration. Trump, who says he has long employed Hispanics, Blacks and any other qualified people in his organization said the notion is a media contrivance and is misleading and inaccurate.

"Donald Trump is not racist or anti-Hispanic, he's a practical man who values our security. He has no problem at all with anyone here legally and it is his opinion his policies will protect the jobs we still have in the US and create better ones in the future for all minorities as well as providing a more secure country. Mr. Trump's policies are actually much better for minorities than those Ms. Clinton and her party support," said a Trump campaign spokesperson in a recent conversation with reporters.

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