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Monday, 21 September 2015 11:24

Pro-immigration Groups Look to Censor National Debate on Illegal Border Crossers

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Pro-immigration groups are trying to muzzle Donald Trump and others who are calling attention to illegal immigration and open U.S. borders.
Just last week, 62 pro-immigration organizations sent an open letter to CNN voicing concern over, "the increasing hatred and vitriol being directed towards both people of color and the immigrant community by certain presidential candidates."

"The upcoming presidential debate will be a test as to how much leeway can be given to the language of hate," the letter says, while calling on moderators "to help bring back a civil debate."
The letter sent to CNN was intended to force moderators at this week's Republican presidential debate to dial down what they say is "overly heated rhetoric" dominating the GOP primary race.
Political commentators are seeing the letter as a direct stab at front-runner Donald Trump who has soared in all recent polls despite media and partisan opposition to his candidacy. Trump, who has made illegal immigration a central issue in his bid for election. He has drawn public acclaim and attention by illustrating the number of crimes committed by illegals and the economic costs shouldered by U.S. taxpayers for health, entitlement and social costs.
Trump has vowed to build a border wall and seek to change the laws that allow for automatic citizenship for children born to illegal immigrants. His use of reliable statistics showing large numbers of women arrive in the U.S. pregnant and have a baby born shortly after they cross into the U.S. illegally. The children born to these women have been popularly called "anchor babies" since they are often used to secure citizenship for themselves and relatives who would otherwise be ineligible.
The letter is signed by various groups that support immigration including the Los Angeles Federation of Labor, the National Immigration Law Center and the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights Los Angeles (CHIRLA). Los Angeles contains one of the largest illegal immigration populations in the U.S. and has long been considered a bastion for groups advocating pro-immigrant policies.
It is being widely reported that when GOP candidates hold their debate in Simi Valley next Wednesday, they will be met with protesters from both sides of the immigration issue.
Protestors plan to gather outside the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library where the debate will be held, according to CHIRLA spokesman, Jorge-Mario Cabrera.
The are likely to be outnumbered and competing with protestors who feel Trump is addressing an issue neglected by our nation's leaders for too long.
"Trump is articulating what many of us feel today - politicians are giving away our country and not enforcing our border and immigration laws; we don't have a problem with legal immigration, it's the illegals who come back time and time again even if they are deported that bother us," said Maria Rodriguez with Latinos for Trump.

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