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Saturday, 01 August 2015 15:26

Officials with the American Border Patrol Union Snub Trump

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Officials with the American Border Patrol Union told their agents on the border not to meet with Presidential candidate Donald Trump last Thursday because they feared a loss of jobs if Trump was successful in fulfilling one of his platforms for office - stopping illegal immigrants from crossing our borders.

Speaking on TV, Union Chairman Glenn Spencer told the network that the Union is "afraid if he was successful, they could probably cut back on the number of agents by 50 percent - and the union doesn't like that idea." "But Trump is doing a great job in calling attention to these very serious problems."

Trump, who was initially supposed to tour the southern border Thursday with members of the Local Union 2455, had to take private security after the local cancelled their commitment based on "pressure from Union officials in Washington."

The original invitation to Trump and other Presidential hopefuls originally went out to demonstrate new technology that would simply keep track of illegal border crossings. Spencer who has lived on the Arizona-Mexican border for over 12 years said that, "this is technology that could be installed from Brownsville, Texas all the way to San Diego" and it would tell border agents manning the system "when anybody approached that border from the south - aircraft, vehicles, people. It's 100 percent reliable, powered by the sun, very environmentally benign and would do the job of telling us where we are with border security."
Spencer stressed the government should "get behind" this technology, adding, "I don't believe the one that's in power right now is interested in it at all but it won 't be long until we have someone new in there."

Trump has campaigned throughout the South Western US for the past few weeks repeatedly stressing he has "immediate solutions to the problem on our borders". His message has strongly resonated with the American Public in all the latest polls where he has leaped ahead of career politicians like Jeb Bush and Scott Walker.
One commentator, outside a Trump rally, said, "this last minute Union pullout for all the wrong reasons is very telling - the government and career politicians are not protecting us and they lie about it all the time. It's incredulous that a Union whose job is too secure our borders would bail on someone trying to do just that out of fear they would lose Union positions, this is everything wrong with America today and why I'm voting for Trump, he's the only one different."

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