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Friday, 08 April 2016 11:03

International News Hungary publishes website claiming 900 'no-go zones' already exist in Europe

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Hungary publishes website claiming 900 'no-go zones' already exist in Europe

Forward: As the migrant crisis continues unabated in Europe, illegal immigration and border security also continues to play a major role in the US Presidential elections. One of the fundamental fears of any society is “losing its cultural identity,” or allowing terrorists to infiltrate into peaceful nations by blending in with otherwise innocuous “asylum seekers.”
Since it has now been shown that several of those involved in terrorist activities in Europe and the US - including the recent Paris and Brussels bombings - entered into the West as “immigrants” seeking asylum, citizens of many countries are increasingly turning to political parties or candidates that insure security.
Most Western governments initially rolled out open invitations to refugees but stronger support by Europeans for nationalist parties have shown that voters are increasingly rejecting the position of their leaders. A few governments, perhaps prescient, pulled up the welcome mat earlier in the migrant crisis; insisting that allowing unchecked and massive Muslim migration would create conflict, increased terrorism and loss of Western culture. Hungary was one of the first European Union nations to insist that the flow of refugees into Europe would create negative consequences. Hungary, with the active assistance of the current elected administration of Viktor Orban, shut its borders, erected a fence and called up its military to enforce border security. Now the government has gone one step further and has published information it believes bolsters its claim that open immigration must be stopped.


On a website, just launched on the world wide web this past week, Hungary lists more than 900 "no-go areas" with large immigrant populations, Hungary's government claims the existence of enclaves “not subject to our laws,” must be considered as the EU debates about sharing out migrants across the 22 nation bloc.
The site says that in areas "with a high number of immigrants", citing Paris, London, Stockholm or Berlin as examples, legally constituted authorities have "little or no control" and "norms of the host society barely prevail."
A government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs told reporters when questioned that the "data was publicly available on the Internet."
Residents of cities affected by the no-go zones largely agree and are increasingly making their voices heard. One young man, who independently writes on the Internet, Francois Duban said politicians and the media, focused on creating guilt for Westerners over allowing the massive migration of Muslims have created the problem.
“The no-go areas are the by-product of decades of multicultural policies that have encouraged Muslim immigrants to create parallel societies and remain segregated rather than become integrated into their European host nations - but we have been told that only greasy Islamophobes think such areas exist. Reality, as always, is different, Duban said.

“In France, large swaths of Muslim neighborhoods are now considered no-go zones by French police. In the Belgian capital of Brussels, several Muslim neighborhoods have become no-go zones for police officers, who frequently are pelted with rocks by Muslim youth. In the Kuregem district of Brussels, which often resembles an urban war zone, police are forced to patrol the area with two police cars: one car to carry out the patrols and another car to prevent the first car from being attacked. In the Molenbeek district of Brussels, police have been ordered last year not to drink coffee or eat a sandwich in public during the Islamic month of Ramadan,” he added.

Some sources in the government said the website’s launch was timed to coincide with an upcoming Hungarian referendum in Hungary scheduled for the second half of the year on the EU quota plan. The site also shows a ticking clock representing a migrant entering Europe every 12 seconds.
"The mandatory European quotas increase the terrorist risk in Europe and imperils our culture, Illegal migrants cross the borders unchecked, so we do not know who they are and what their intentions are. We do not know how many of them are disguised as terrorists," the website states.
The response to the information on the site has been revelatory. One user felt the information should be more widely distributed so the rest of the world could see the view of those on the front line of the migrant crisis.
“Actually it would be a good idea post a link to this site because even though most of us know the areas in say Paris, London or Marseille that have shall we say, not particularly friendly (or outright dangerous), environment especially after dark, there are still many areas the average tourist doesn't know about. Or even better have this site in all European languages hosted and regularly updated by Brussels. That’s of course if they care at least a tiny bit about our safety,”

hun Viktor Orban 2

While supporters of migration say very few terrorists are getting into Europe, recent attacks that have been linked to migrants have created a different view. Irma Nurdiana, reporting for the Sun Bay, who is Muslim, offers a tongue in cheek perspective.
“If illegals entering a country were “disguised as terrorists” as suggested by the website ... it would be easy to spot them since they would probably be wearing black masks, carrying an ISIS flag and a bomb vest! The more insidious truth is that terrorists are harder to spot because they are dressed like ordinary refugees.
Nurdiana, who lives in one of the most populous Muslim nations – Indonesia – says that there are secular Muslims but many are under the sway of their religion to the extent they feel justified in ignoring civil law.
“To understand Islam, you have to accept certain facts about this religion. The impact of Islam on the daily life of Muslims is far greater than that found in the Western Culture since the Middle Ages. Muslims advance a definition that Islam is a shining beacon against the darkness of repression, segregation, intolerance, and racism. Nothing could be further from the truth!”

Nurdiana further says that, “Islam has no fundamental concept of Inalienable Rights as mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. Islam does not permit the individual to enjoy the freedoms of action and association characteristic of the Democracy that so many Western cultures currently enjoy today. Islam is a religion in name only because of a reference to "Allah" as their Deity. A well-known fact is that Islam is a totalitarian ideology that rejects Democracy, personal freedom, and every other religion. The ideals of anti-Semitism and anti-Western Culture run rampant throughout Islam. The Laws of Man are meaningless and have absolutely no relevance in Muslim culture because they are without any direct reference to the Koran or Sharia Law and therefore they have no place in Muslim life. Islamic law/Sharia Law is completely incompatible with Freedom, Democracy, and Liberty, or any other government where the people have an actual voice in government or the will of the people matters.”
This view is well supported by the words of Islam’s own clerics.
"The Sharia is the divine law sent by Allah... It is justice for mankind... It is a noble thing to invite someone to a superior way of life," according to Imam Anjem Choudary.

Islam has been called an absolute ideology based on total submission to its teachings and authority. Being an authoritarian doctrine, Islam does not accept opposing views or ideas. There is little to no tolerance of other religions or beliefs. Muslims are obligated to embrace terrorist actions against non-Muslims. Mosques are not Houses of Worship, they are Houses of Terrorism. Hatred is preached as divine prophecy against all things not Muslim. Islamic law actually places a lesser value on human beings that are "non-believers".

Muslims keep saying that Allah is a merciful God. The following is a perfect example showing how Islam sees this quality in their God.

Ishaq: 327 - Allah said, "A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you craved the desires of this world, its goods and the ransom captives would bring. But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion."

This does not seem to be the actions of a merciful and loving God, but it does show what Muslims believe and what doctrine dictates how they live their lives.

Why again are Europeans supposed to submit and give their countries away to this ideology?

Obviously in line with Nurdiana’s perspective, Prime Minister Viktor Orban's government voted against an EU plan in September, 2015o distribute 160,000 asylum-seekers among member states via quotas. Then, this past December Hungary joined Slovakia in filing a legal complaint. Since then other Balkan nations have aligned themselves to oppose further open borders.

To date, only 1,100 migrants have been relocated, and Hungary has not placed a single one. If Hungarian voters reject the quotas in the referendum, as several polls and surveys suggest, this would be another blow for the troubled scheme primarily advocated by Germany’s Angela Merkel who has also come under increased political heat for encouraging the massive migration.
When the refugee crisis began, Merkel had many supporters who insisted the migrants would “integrate fully,” into European society One of those, supporters Elizabet Montrachet, has been working with migrants from poorer nations and now has a different view of the willingness of migrants to assimilate.
“Based on humanitarian concern, we need to help refugees, but integration and assimilation issues remained. 52,000 Eritrean refugees go into Netherlands per year (Eritrean now criticized Dutch the quota of allowing 1000 Eritrean PER WEEK into Netherlands is too low and is form and evidence of discrimination and racism). Dutch people and society voluntarily provide many free language classes, culture courses, free tutoring, free skill, technology, and job training, but not much interest and appreciation from African community. African believe their culture and value in their home countries are superior to Dutch and European culture and history. They treated the free language classes and job training are culture imperialism, which emphasizes on integration and assimilation, enslaved them, now they want more social welfare because they are victims of post-modern slavery. The metal welding and plumbing training classes are a joke because they don’t have that in Africa. During my visit, I found African women have many children and many women are in their pregnancy, one woman has delivered 5 babies since she arrived at Netherlands 4 years ago. Another family lives right next to this woman, their grandma, mother, and 4 teenager daughters were all pregnant simultaneously. Taken at face value, it is highly doubtful these people will ever assimilate in Western society; they are in a constant struggle to assert their own cultural values, this is the ugly truth,” writes Montrachet
Some readers have gone further than merely reporting their experiences with migrants and have published suggestions they feel should be implemented to address the crisis. Armani Csaszar, a Hungarian with a Masters in International Affairs, has followed the issue closely.

hungaian border wall 3
“Many in academic circles want to express a liberal ideology, but after carefully watching the effects of this massive migration and traveling all over Europe to see for myself, I have concluded that Mr. Viktor Orban is right. Without any established the EU and its member governments have admitted so many radical Muslims into the EU that they can no longer control the security situation in many places. That is the basis of these “no-go” zones. Germany, Belgium, France and other EU countries have fostered a relaxed attitudes against Muslim extremism especially concerning terrorist cells in their respective countries. Now they are paying the price for it and I expect to see increased bombings and terrorist attacks in the future. We need to take strong measures. All Mosques should be under permanent observation to determine if they are promoting extremism and recruiting Islamist extremists. If they are they should be closed immediately and culprits jailed and expelled from the country. The civil laws must be obeyed by all and no alternative law – like Sharia - allowed. Muslim ghettoization in the cities along with private Muslim religious schools and activities of Muslim radical political parties must be forbidden. And finally, it is imperative to limit further immigration of Muslims from countries where terrorism is an issue until solutions for proper vetting of migrants is established. We must also halt immigrants from openly crossing EU borders, even if it is necessary to use military force to prevent them. Furthermore, all eligible immigrants for asylum already in the EU should be placed in separate refugees camps in the country where they are currently located – the receiving nation and their movements controlled with restricted movement. Immediately after the Syrian civil war ends these asylum seekers should be repatriated to their countries of origin. All immigrants not eligible for asylum but already in the EU, should be collected and immediately sent back to their country of origin.
Present half measures and policy vacillations is only adding to the confusion and further aggravating already serious problems which must be urgently solved,” said Csaszar
Orban seems to intuitively understand the problem and has publically called for some of the same solutions proposed by Armani. While he has been described as a “hard liner” by Merkel and her supporters, he, and other leaders following his example, are seen by many as “realists” whose policies reflect the “ugly truth” of unchecked asylum seeking by migrants who either cannot or will not integrate into European/Western Christian culture. His popularity rose when he sealed Hungary's southern borders and announced the referendum in February.
“Brussels has no right to redraw Europe's cultural and religious identity," he recently said.
The referendum question will ask: "Do you want the EU to prescribe the mandatory relocation of non-Hungarian citizens to Hungary without the approval of the Hungarian parliament?"
In the meantime the website is up and interested readers can view it at: www.kormany.hu/en/news

Carl Conley (Irma Nurdiana contributing)

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