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Thursday, 16 February 2017 12:56


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He clearly enough saw, given the trends of his time, and the people behind the scenes (who manipulated them for their own selfish purposes), where we were headed if there was not a collective awakening of humanity. His vision was most fully realized in his novel “1984”. Most Americans have read this book at one point or another, in school or afterwards. If it is not remembered, it should be reread. It uncannily mirrors much of the world we live in today. It was meant to.

Undoubtedly, the renewed interest in this book must be in part tied to the inauguration of Donald Trump, at least in America. It also reflects life in many other countries, many of them with similar socio-political phenomena to what we are experiencing here. Some have thoughtlessly proposed that the interest in this book now is entirely because of the rise of Trump.

This does not seem realistic. While there are some apparent correspondences between aspects of the Trump administration so far and elements of the book, these have more to do with Trump’s place in time, and global trends that he is only a part of and responding to, than with him being the prime cause of world conditions today.

While he is certainly contributing AN effect, he is not THE effect.

As a people, we have all been warned repeatedly, down through the centuries, by any number of wise and observant (and often connected) thinkers, writers, leaders and more. If we only cared to listen to those among us whom have labored so patiently and tirelessly to control us (as John Perdue noted, “The logo of the Fabian Society, a tortoise, represented the group’s predilection for a slow, imperceptible transition to socialism, while its coat of arms, a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’, represented its preferred methodology for achieving its goal”).

Typically these shadowy, unseen people organize and operate through secret societies which the great majority of others are not invited into.

“Skull and Bones” is a notable one in this country, and if one chooses to believe that organizations like this one are simply harmless social clubs, then they will do so at their own risk.

Orwell was at one time a member of this English society called the “Fabian Society”, which like many secret societies, had many levels of membership, allowing in people with no real knowledge of (or interest in) the deeper workings of the organization, providing a good “cover story”. In Orwell’s case, he later repudiated the work of the organization and its members.

The Fabian Society remains globalist in nature, seeking one-world government under their own “benevolent” guidance. Many famous and prominent people were drawn to this organization, initially because of its stated interests in promoting what THEY called “socialism”. Members ranged from George Bernard Shaw to H. G. Wells to Oliver Lodge to Winston Churchill.

Simply, as member Annie Besant said, “A democratic Socialism, controlled by majority votes, guided by numbers, can never succeed. A truly aristocratic Socialism, controlled by duty, guided by wisdom, is the next step upward in civilization.”

Not surprisingly, the Fabian Society acquired and sealed the records of Eric Blair not long after the death of his wife. The Fabian motto, fittingly, is “Remold it Nearer to The Heart’s Desire.”

One book they have sought to suppress is called “The Road To Wigan Pier.” In this book Orwell states, “… the ugly fact is that most middle-class Socialists, while theoretically pining for a class-less society, cling like glue to their miserable fragments of social prestige… sometimes I look at a socialist--- the intellectual, tract-writing type of socialist, with his pullover, his fuzzy hair and his Marxist quotation--- and wonder what the devil his motive really is. It is often difficult to believe that it is a love of anybody, especially of the working class, from whom he is of all people the furthest removed. The underlying motive of many Socialists, I believe, is simply a hypertrophied sense of order. The present state of affairs offends them not because it causes misery, still less because it makes freedom impossible, but because it is untidy; what they desire, basically, is to reduce the world to something resembling a chessboard. Take the plays of a life-long Socialist like Shaw. How much understanding or even awareness of working-class life do they display? … The truth is that, to many people cal themselves Socialists, revolution does not mean a movement of the masses with which they hope to associate themselves; it means a set of reforms which ‘we’, the clever ones, are going to impose upon ‘them’, the Lower Orders…”

Orwell’s take on Trump might be would be the subject of another entire article. It seems safe to say that while Trump enjoys a larger stage than most of us, he appears to be sincerely trying to use it to benefit as many people as possible. Let’s wish him luck!

Mark Stiggs
North Fort Myers

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