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Monday, 26 September 2016 13:33

Democrat’s Dependency on Hispanic Vote Not Certain

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In several races that could
play a big role in which party
gains control of the Senate in November,
Senate Democrats are
counting on the Hispanic vote to
help them win. But a sizable number
of Hispanic voters don't seem
to know who these Senate Democratic
candidates are.
Consider this from a recent
poll by Univision News on Hispanic
voters: In Florida, nearly 6
in 10 Hispanic voters did not recognize
Rep. Patrick Murphy (D),
who is challenging Sen. Marco
Rubio (R) for the seat. (Rubio has
a seven-point edge over Murphy,
46 to 39, among Latino voters.)
In Arizona, 4 in 10 did not
recognize Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick
(D), who is challenging Sen. John
McCain (R). (Kirkpatrick leads
McCain by 15 points. But as my
colleagues Ed O'Keefe and Scott
Clement point out, that's a much
smaller edge than Hillary Clinton's
50-point lead over Donald Trump
in the state.)
In Nevada, nearly 4 in 10
Hispanic voters (38 percent) did
not recognize Catherine Cortez
Masto, who is Senate Minority
Leader Harry M. Reid's (D) handpicked
successor for the seat. (Although
more than 4 in 10, 41
percent, also did not recognize the
Republican candidate, Rep. Joseph
J. Heck (R).)
So in at least three states where the
Hispanic vote is expected to be
higher than the national average —
and a critical puzzle piece for Senate
Democrats to take back control
of the chamber — Senate Democrats
have yet to lock down their
vote. That's a fairly big hill for
Senate Democrats to climb with a
little more than seven weeks to go.

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