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Thursday, 01 June 2017 11:35


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The Right Side



What does it all mean? I believe you will agree that something smells really rotten and it is VERY good that the President fired Comey, that Hillary lost, that the Clinton Foundation has been rendered lifeless, and who the hell is Peter Comey, anyway?

According to Big League Politics the connections are; Peter Comey is Jimmy’s brother and property records show Jimmy holds the mortgage on bro’ Peter’s house in Virginia. What a good bro’! However, that’s what we call a “Financial Connection”, all while Jimmy was FBI Director. Now that would be okay but for the facts that Peter’s role at the law firm DLA Piper is the Senior Director of Real Estate Operations for the Americas and DLA Piper is one of the top donors to Hillary Clinton AND also does the taxes for the Clinton Foundation AND preformed the 2015 audit when the Foundation tax scandal broke! No, I’m not kidding!

What that little bit of info means is that FBI Director Comey had a direct, personal and financial connection to a law firm executive of DLA Piper while he was investigating DLA Piper’s client, Hillary Clinton! J. Edgar Hoover just jumped up and out of his grave!

In 2010, Comey departed Lockheed Martin as General Counsel ( with a reported 6 million dollars) and the same year, Martin became a member of the Clinton Global Initiative AND “won” 17 contracts from the US State Department, led by, none other than Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Then in 2013 James Comey, joined the board of the British Bank, HSBC Holdings which just happened to be a Clinton Foundation partner. Wow, I can’t keep up with this guy Comey. Saying James Comey had ties to the Clintons, is like saying Hillary Clinton is dishonest. So if this entire story is true, as Big League Politics says, then what the hell was Comey doing investigating Hillary? Wait…you don’t think James Comey was “colluding” with the Clintons, do you…naw…it can’t be possible …can it?

 In the real FBI, we were NOT allowed to even speculate in the stock market, or associate with ANYONE who was even thought to be sleazy, let alone people who defined the word sleazy! Boy did Comey cross the “Integrity” line, FBI, Fidelity Bravery Integrity, really?

All of this aside from the FACTS that Hillary approved the sale of 20% of our Uranium to Russia and that the Clinton Foundation received hundreds of millions in the “pay for play” schemes that Comey didn’t investigate…or did he? What about the biggest security scandal in US history, Hillary’s emails and secret email server. Don’t you believe Comey should have reclused, dissolved, moved away, RAN away, retreated from, dodged, avoided ANY decisions in the Hillary case?!

No one seems to know whether or not the FBI even looked at the most basic money laundering scheme ever, the Clinton Foundation, and what the hell is really important to the LEADERS of the DEMOCRAT PARTY…? I know… did the President EVER talk to Vladimir Putin, is the President   really a billionaire?! Duh! Why isn’t the all Democrat, Obama Care Bill, the biggest disaster in US history, important enough to get some Democrat and press attention? What about our Military that Obama all but destroyed. What about an economy that Obama tried his best to crash? The only thing important to Schumer, Pelosi, Sanders…the Democrat party leaders is LET”S GET EVEN…SCREW THE CONSTITUTION!!!

My dear friends, the most important thing for you and me is for our President to keep us ALL safe! He can’t do that if laws ( like The 1952 Immigration and Naturalization Act)  that were passed to allow our President  avoid cumbersome Judicial Proceeding which proceedings are now being allowed to stop him cold! When a Democrat Party is so obsessed with loosing that they will lie, cheat, obstruct, ignore their own Rule of Law…JUST TO GET EVEN, it proves they don’t believe in our Constitution!

Mr President, appoint a RETIRED, former, FBI Executive who believes in the Integrity that made the FBI great and direct AG Sessions to reopen the Clinton “cases” and open a  RICO case on Obama and his staffers who conspired to destroy America! The hell with the Dems and the press, it’s the Right thing to do!!!

 J Gary DiLaura

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