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Friday, 14 July 2017 18:26


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Thank you former AG, Loretta Lynch, you just gave the American people the absolute confirmation that an “INVESTIGATION” AND NOT A “MATTER” , is essential to get to the bottom of “who obstructed the Clinton investigation” Lynch, Comey or both! Thank you, Loretta!!!

I certainly hope that President Trump or AG Sessions reads this, as there is no doubt there was obstruction in the Hillary Clinton investigation… Lynch just confirmed it!


Keep in mind that about 2 weeks after the infamous “Tarmac” meeting and Lynch’s order for Comey to ‘Down play the investigation to match the Clinton campaign”; Comey actually did close the investigation!!

Five FBI field offices that had active criminal investigations, on Hillary, were “livid” that the  FBI Director crumbled under what I believe was pressure from Obama through Lynch and actually did close the case because of that pressure! Any real FBI Agent , AUSA ,USA or competent lawman and indeed, any average citizen with an ounce of common sense, who heard Comey’s “declination” knows it was a “set up” and illegal!

The Grand Jury is the only body that determines if there is Probable Cause to Indict. In this case, Comey made it VERY clear, in his “preamble to declination”, that there is PC. The Grand Jury decides if they should indict. That’s called the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. I have NEVER, in 28 years as an active criminal Agent, EVER heard of an FBI agent being asked to give the final prosecutive opinion on ANY criminal case, period! It’s a clear violation of the Federal Rules!

So…if Comey told the truth, under oath, then AG Lynch is lying…why… to cover up something. If Comey lied, under oath, he committed several crimes and is covering up… something.  The “covering up something” MUST be to protect the person who said to, CLOSE THE CASE. Now the question isn’t, “Was there obstruction”, as the conflicting stories between Lynch and Comey seem to suggest? The question is, “Who”?

Who ordered the closing of the Hillary case? Anyone got an idea? I’ll bet we would ALL agree that Barack Obama should go to jail! The guy is so dirty we don’t know where to start…gave F-16 Fighters to the Muslim Brotherhood; gave Iran, the biggest State sponsor of terrorism in the world, 1.7 BILLION in CASH; gave aid to the Muslim fighters who attacked the American Embassy in Benghazi; refused to send help to Americans under siege in Benghazi; forged or conspired to forge, Official Documents to gain personal wealth and on and on!

However there’s a bit of a dilemma. A sitting President can order that an investigation be closed! Whether or not the sitting President can be charged with Obstruction would be a Constructional question, however, if that President, were shown to be a co-conspirator in a larger plot (a RICO investigation, for example) to overthrow our government (Treason or Espionage in the Benghazi matter), then his ordering the investigation closed could possibly be a predicate crime to protect another conspirator, Hillary! I firmly believe both Obama and Clinton have something VERY serious to keep hidden about Benghazi and they are afraid of each other so they must cover for each other! It has to do with the “weapons” used in the attack.

As investigators, we now have two people over the “proverbial barrel”. One and only one is telling the truth, Comey or Lynch? My money is on Comey, not because he’s honest but because he is smarter than Lynch!!!


How about we ask BOTH to take a POLYGRAPH on just that one question, “matter or investigation” and someone LEAKS to the press which one refuses the polygraph?  Only one will decline!!! What comes around goes around!

In my opinion, Comey will take a polygraph test on whether he told the truth under oath, Lynch won’t!

Anyone who would meet with the husband of the subject in one of the highest profile, biggest criminal investigations in FBI history FOR ANY REASON, is simply… STUPID! With one party being the former President, the other a “wannabe” President and the third the Attorney General of the US! C’mon man, WE’RE not THAT stupid! Lynch’s arrogance will be her nemesis.

Bottom line… either one or BOTH, Comey or Lynch is going to hand up OBAMA! Neither is going to take the fall for Obama, neither! Keep this in mind; in my opinion, both Lynch and Comey KNOW that Obama committed Treason, on many fronts and I’m certain, they both know what Clinton and Obama are hiding about Benghazi. They feel Obama is going to go down ANYWAY…so why lie when the tires have already touched the road… I mean Tarmac!

They will wait and then first one in gets the deal!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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