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Thursday, 07 September 2023 21:42

BREAKING: Hunter Biden Faces Possible Felony Gun Crime Indictment, Prosecutors Seek Grand Jury Approval

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WILMINGTON, Del. – President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, 50, could soon be indicted on felony gun charges, according to a recent federal court filing in Delaware.

In a document filed on Sept. 6, Special Counsel David Weiss's team revealed plans to approach a grand jury for an indictment against the younger Biden. The Speedy Trial Act mandates the government to pursue a grand jury indictment by September 29, 2023. Weiss's team intends to act before this deadline.

Hunter Bide, son of US President Joe Biden, faces possible felony gun crime indictment.

The prosecution alleges that in October 2018, Hunter Biden unlawfully possessed a firearm while being addicted to an illegal substance, a direct violation of federal law. Initially, prosecutors were open to a pretrial diversion agreement. However, recent developments have seen the deal dissolve.

If convicted, Hunter Biden could serve up to a decade behind bars.

While the White House remains silent on the matter, Mr. Biden's attorneys insist he is adhering to the original diversion agreement's terms. Yet, complications have arisen regarding the validity of the agreement. Prosecutors maintain that since the U.S. probation officer for Delaware, Margaret Bray, did not sign it, the deal is not binding for either party.

Hunter Biden's defense, however, contradicts this. In prior filings, they provided evidence of a signed agreement between Special Assistant U.S. Attorney Leo Wise, Hunter Biden, and former attorney Christopher Clark.

Interestingly, David Weiss, originally appointed as a U.S. attorney during the Trump administration, was later named special counsel by Attorney General Merrick Garland, an appointee of President Biden.

The agreement in question necessitated Hunter Biden to refrain from purchasing or possessing any firearm for two years. Alongside the agreement, he publicly confessed to a history of drug use, starting with crack and powder cocaine in 2016 and escalating to habitual usage by 2017.

President Biden, when pressed on his son's legal entanglements, declined to comment, emphasizing the Justice Department's autonomy in the matter.

Separately, tax charges against Hunter Biden, which pertained to unpaid taxes on more than $3 million of earnings from 2017 and 2018, were dropped in August. Prosecutors are considering refiling these charges in a different district.

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