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Tuesday, 26 April 2016 09:38

Bernie Sanders frames climate change as an urgent existential war

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In last Thursday's Democratic debate in Brooklyn, Bernie Sanders said that what he called Hillary Clinton's incremental approach to fighting climate change is insufficient in the face of the global crisis. "We have an enemy out there, and that enemy is going to cause drought, and floods, and extreme weather disturbances," he said.

Sanders accused Clinton of supporting fracking technology and promoting the controversial oil recovery method. Clinton noted that Sanders opposes the Paris climate agreement and said his bigger proposals will never get past Congress. "If we approach this like we were at war, Sanders said, “the U.S. would be up to the challenge, as it was during World War II." The Democratic contender said there would be “economic dislocation" phasing out coal and oil and nuclear power,” but noted that a “giant, comprehensive national push” would eventually wean America off fossils fuels.”

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