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Sunday, 10 December 2017 21:52

Alan Dershowitz Is Right On The Money! Featured

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Alan Dershowitz, a staunch Democrat, Constitutional Law College Professor and apparently, a man of integrity, said it all on FOX News on 12-3-17 when he said that California Senator Dianne Feinstein “has no idea what she’s talking about” when she said that President Trump will be impeached for the firing of former FBI Director Comey!

You see… Diane doesn’t understand that the President of the United States is actually the BOSS of the FBI (Director) and the DOJ (AG) according to the Constitution, Article 2! He is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the US! We need to read the Constitution, Dianne, if we are going to impeach someone and …oh yes …you need to be in control of BOTH Houses of Congress to impeach a President! Duh!

Also, it is very notable that there is NOT one word in our Constitution about any “Special Prosecutor” or the existence of any such a position…NOTHING. It was created by the EXECUTIVE BRANCH; that is …you guessed it …the President!

One can find many laws passed by Congress, and the Constitution that deal with the POWERS OF THE PRESIDENT and they are SUBSTANTIAL on ALL fronts…fact is, he is the most powerful man in the WORLD!!

President Trump has ELECTED to not interfere in the process that DOJ and the Special Prosecutor, are putting him and his cabinet through because he believes in the process, to an extent, and has nothing to hide, not even his birth place!

However, what we have now, with the firing of the FBI Assistant Director Strzok by Mr. Mueller, (4 months ago and we just hear about it!), is a real quagmire!!! Strzok was the “case agent” for the “Hillary matter” under Mueller’s friend Comey! Comey, Mueller, Mr.Rosenstein (First Deputy to the Attorney General Sessions), are close “buds” and apparently never told Congress, the Senate, the current AG Sessions, nor the President of the US that they ALL worked on and knew about the Russia, Uranium One, Bribery case where a Russian Official was CONVICTED of a 2 million dollar Bribe; in the SAME Uranium One deal that the infamous committee of 9 (including Hillary) signed off on. That resulted in 135 million dollars being paid to the Clinton Foundation! I guess they all thought none of that was pertinent to the Russian Collusion Investigation nor Russia obtaining 20% of our Uranium nor the appointment of a special prosecutor, Mueller, by Mr Rosenstein who then hired and fired Strzok!! My God, isn’t ANYBODY paying attention to what’s going on?!

I personally believe that it is time for the President to get involved; SUPERVISE HIS DOJ because SESSIONS won’t! That is, UNLESS there IS an ongoing FBI investigation on the Clinton matter! Hard to believe, though, with the entire top of the FBI being pretty corrupt!

I firmly believe as a citizen, with some common sense and 28 years of enforcing Federal Laws as an FBI Agent , that President Trump should call Sessions and the NEW FBI Director to his Office for a meeting with the President and some of his legal staff and advise them that they are to remove Mr. Rosenstein, Mr Strzok and FBI DADIC McCabe from positions of authority to “brick Agents and brick Prosecutor”. Then direct Mr. Mueller’s Special Prosecutor investigation to be placed on “hold”…no more spending, no more investigating, no more anything until the President can get a “handle” on the facts pertaining to all the allegations of conflict of interest, whether there even is probable cause to continue the Russian collusion, Special Prosecutor, and a multitude of other possible illegal, unethical acts by members of the DOJ, FBI and Mueller’s Special prosecutor brigade!

If the President wants to find out what REALLY happened in the FBI Hillary investigation, he needs to talk to the brick Agents who worked the cases on her. He will NOT get to the truth by talking to Comey, Rosenstein, FBI Strzok nor FBI McCabe or ANY top ADICs at the Bureau. They are circling their wagons! They have either lied or committed the bigger lie by not revealing the truth! Remember what I said before…NO real FBI Agent would ever interview a subject like Hillary in front of “a” lawyer let alone 5 lawyers…and no Agent worth his salt would have allowed Hillary to skate on the lie that she never received training on the handling of classified documents. Strzok did! He should have stuck her Non Disclosure Documents in her face and asked, “Is that your signature, Madame Secretary”?

If you want to find conflict of interest, obstruction of justice, “collusion”, look to the criminals who have been caught in lies about substantive matters. Matters like “training on the handling of the most classified documents we have”, SAP documents; the creation of a non-secure private server to avoid compliance with Fed Law (FOIA), money laundering, Hobbs Act, Wire Fraud, Treason, Espionage, are all substantive. Charging Flynn with a Martha Stewart violation of “lying to an FBI Agent”, is a joke! It’s a crime the FBI created without substance! You have Hillary, Uma Abedine, Cheryl Mills, Susan Rice, Podesta, Sullivan, and many more who have violated laws, rules, regulations that placed American lives in danger…and Mueller’s big hammer is he caught Flynn in a lie about NOTHING!

Mr. Flynn’s talking to ANY Russian official about anything was/is NOT a crime. Uma Abedine putting State Dept info on her personal computer at home in a file, just in case, where her husband, the Weiner, had access, IS several Felonies.

J Gary DiLaura
FBI agent retired

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