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Thursday, 06 May 2021 20:18

A Time For Purple Featured

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Readers of this paper know that our content has been focused with issues that threaten the everyday American.

Although we have conservative views, we have never held back on pointing out injustice in this world, regardless of political affiliation. Unfortunately the recent chaotic events of last summer, followed by election irregularities, and the January 6 mob insurrection at the US Capitol building have left 'we the people' even more divided.........Intentionally!

The term fake news is now levied against any who dare to look outside the lines of mainstream corporate news. Sadly, there are many who do go too far, without properly documenting or substantiating their allegations. We are not without fault here,
mistakes have been made. Whether or not it was of good intent, it essentially becomes disinformation which can have adverse consequences to those who trust that the information was thoroughly vetted.

Depending on the severity of the information presented, the ramifications can be extreme, including encouraging others to take justice into their own hands, oftentimes without a real basis in accurate fact. Well meaning citizens can be incited and steered to action, perhaps not always for the right reasons resulting in riots, looting and burning of properties. (last summer)

The one thing we know for sure is that big money rules in this world. It especially rules in politics. Those of ultra-wealth care noting about left or right. Their ideology is all about financial gain and power. For centuries these ultra-wealthy have profited on both sides of every conflict to face man.

It's time for people to start asking themselves whether or not this is happenstance or engineered by design.

With this said, we have noticed many events which appear to lead to and promote division in the US.

We are already on record about unidentified dark factions from out of state becoming involved in the Minneapolis protests over police misuse of force.

While watching the US Capitol attacks unfold on television, it very much appears that similar factions to Minnesota also embedded themselves within the Trump rally, possibly steering it and exploiting it for their own divisive purposes.

This most certainly does not account for all those who stormed the Capitol, for there were plenty of red hats and blue flags inside, but there did appear and later proven to be, an added volatile element..... “Antifa,” igniting the mix.

We have made it clear ‘The Powers That Be’ (TPTB) in this world do not give a rat's ass about left or right politics. The Democrat and Republican parties are mere tools for them - implements of control used by them only to divide us.

The select ultra-wealthy of this planet who make up TPTB and give vast financial support to the two-party system are the real inciters of violence and war. It is easy to look back in hindsight and recognize the manipulation and control afforded from a two-party system.

And no I am not only talking about George Soros or the Koch brothers because the wealth that controls this world is far, far greater than that. Soros and Koch are but minions to those who have the real money to control this planet. Again, the Ultra-rich profit from both sides in a conflict, thus they have a vested interest in any chaos happening here.

With all of this said, we have never promoted nor encouraged disunity or division amongst "we the people." We have always maintained, your enemy is not your neighbor (Democrat or Republican). It's the ultra-wealthy who have stolen the world around you.

Right here, right now we encourage all Americans to reconsider the engineered angst that many are feeling for the opposing political party right now, be it Republican or Democrat.

The point to remember we are all Americans first. As such, people need to think outside political lines during this time of crisis. (political crisis and Covid crisis) It would appear to some that we are being driven through Hegelian principles and steered like lemmings to the cliff's edge.

What are Hegelian principles...???

The Hegelian Principle is used to control society and really quite easy to understand.

It has three essential basic components...

• Problem
• Reaction
• Solution

The idea is...

1) Create a problem for society or a group of people.

2) Wait for the adverse reaction of pain and suffering.

3) Propose a solution to ease their pain and suffering, one that somewhat addresses the issue for the people, but benefits those who created the problem.

This method of devious control has been employed by the Ultra- wealthy for many centuries.

Be on guard and always be aware of it and on the look out to recognize it.

Once again, this plays into the hands of those who profit immensely from adversity and conflict, with "We the people" becoming the biggest loser.

We have never and hope we never will have to sanction violence as the means to regain that which we have lost in this country. Once you resort to violence against a government that possesses the vast ability and immense power to do overwhelming harm, you risk losing the moral high ground and becoming
labeled as subversive to democracy, or worse yet, you end up dead or in prison, the exact opposite of what many activists hope to accomplish. Your activist cause is thus immediately over.

No martyr. No movement.

Given all of this, it would seem apparent that persistent, articulate, peaceful protest has the best chance of enduring in the long run and thus provides the best avenue for success.

The fact of the matter is, both political parties have been exploited and used against us along the way. Truth be told, to be non-partisan about it, "We the people" have been getting screwed from both sides of the political aisle for some time now, with a see-saw of Good Cop-Bad Cop and a carousel of tainted discourse.

Make no mistake about it, if anything, the two-party system is meant to do one thing, divide this nation so it is more easily controllable by the powers that be. (IMHO) Ask yourself why you need a left or right view to build public infrastructure such as roads, schools ..... or libraries?

Why do we possibly need a left or right view for anything in life when the problems that we all face together are not exclusive to political affiliation? Real problems that affect us all are unbiased and non-partisan. Most of us are in the middle politically or Purple.

Looking at an issue simply from a left or right perspective is only using half of the options available, limiting the overall number of potential choices to find the best solution and thus solve the problem.

Kindergartners would arguably do better than today's partisan politicians in finding solutions to common problems that face them as a group, simply because they have no formal divisions and are willing to work together.

Sadly, there is more truth in this notion than most might be willing to admit.

I very much wish that all Americans would wake up and realize how easily we are coerced and steered by powers far greater than “Democrats” or “Republicans.”

Above all, the last thing this country needs is a civil war because we will lose everything in such a fight. The UN will be brought in to "save us from ourselves" and we will more than likely be issued an edict to give up our guns, "in the interest of public safety," of course... (IMHO)

Please... we need rational minds to prevail at this moment, rather than those of TPTB who are promoting impetuous extremism, continually trying to divide us and instigate another disastrous US civil war. Remember... More Americans died in the Civil War than all the other wars combined...!!!

We would like to remind you about the warning of our forefathers, who once said... "United we stand, but divided we fall."

Such a simple concept to understand, yet sadly enough, it can oftentimes, be hard to enact.

This is the time for all of us here to be “American”, not partisan.

For the sake of all, let us hope that "we the people" will recognize and resolve this orchestrated
division and choose to remain united.

I was worried about all the new people moving to our state and bringing their "blue" politics with them, but as I already said, most of us are in the middle....It’s the extreme left and extreme right that suck!!!

It is time to embrace them and welcome being one voice again “for the people.” With this in mind.... and hopes for a unified America.... “purple” is looking better to me.

Bobby Mimmo

go to this site to find out where you are on the political chart... you will see... most of us are in the middle

Note: Do you like this paper,? Do want to share it’s views? Do you think your hometown would do well having such a paper and welcome it.

Please inquire about investment/franchise opportunities now available.

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