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Monday, 23 March 2020 05:32

Corona Flu Virus: By The Numbers - updated 3-24-2020 Featured

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By the Numbers:

Corona Flu (Because that is what it is....... a flu virus) there are as of 11:17am March 24th, 2020 (WorldOmeter)

398,760 cases worldwide so far with 103,748 people that have had total recoveries and 17,259 deaths in the whole world!

In the USA there have been 48,720 total cases with 588 deaths and 295 complete recoveries. In the USA there are currently 47,835 active Corona Flu cases with only 1,040 out of  over 47,800 of those are in serious or critical condition! That is 0.0217 % in serious/critical condition that is down from 0.0231% yesterday and 0.0268 % 2 days ago! That is a good sign!



In 2009, there were up to 1.4 billion worldwide cases of the Swine Flu in the one year it was a global pandemic with 575.000 deaths worldwide

In the United States, there were 61 million cases of confirmed swine flu, with 12,469 deaths.

President Obama waited until 1000 people had died from Swine Flu in the United States before declaring an emergency, because of his late response, the US had the most cases of Swine Flu and the most deaths of any country, here are some stats on the Swine Flu Death counts. While looking at these stats please remember the USA has 325 Million people, India and China have 1.4 Billion people each: India had 1035 Swine Flu deaths, China had 737 Swine Flu deaths,

Turkey had 458 Swine Flu deaths, United Kingdom had 457 Swine Flu deaths, Russia had 438 Swine Flu deaths, Spain 232, Thailand 192....................

As you can see even though India and China have 1.1 Billion people more than the US each.... no place can even compare to the 12,469 Swine Flu deaths we had in the US.


We are in Florida, Still waiting to see if our state will be on full lockdown soon as most states are expected to be soon, if so... travel will be restricted to essential travel only, you will still be able to walk your dog, go out for groceries so there is no need to hoard them! Be Smart, Be Safe, Wash your hands! 

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