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Wednesday, 08 February 2017 18:43

The Right Side: ISLAM ..... AT WAR WITH THE WORLD? Featured

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 What is Islam?
You probably haven't read the Koran, Siras or Hadiths. Hadiths are writings of Mohammed's spoken and written words as well as his actions while Siras are biographies of his life. They combine with the Koran, to make up the Islam Trilogy or "Bible" (but there is no real Bible). They set forth very disturbing beliefs that ALL Muslims (those who submit) MUST follow! This is written in scripture and thousands of other writings! You must view Islam as a puzzle and look at the entire picture to gain an understanding. You cannot pick out one piece of the puzzle and draw any conclusions. Once you look at the entire "Puzzle", you understand why Islam is so dangerous and hard to understand! Millions of Muslims actually follow all these doctrines!
 In Islam there are NO "Radical Muslims," ONLY believers and unbelievers. Unbelievers fall into categories... unbelievers, infidels and Kafirs! Kafirs are the worst of all "Unbelievers." Kafirs are Jews, Christians, pagans, you and me! Islam demands brutal death to Kafirs, in a variety of ways; stoned to death, starved, buried alive, burned, beheaded and so forth!
 Most people just don't understand what we are up against with Islam. It is NOT a Religion!
 Islam is an IDEOLOGY which controls ALL aspects of a believer's life; religion, government, body and soul. Islam demands one way of believing and living, wherein believers MUST submit to a rule of law by a single, unelected, supreme leader, called an Ayatollah, who strictly follows the Koran, written by Mohammed. Failure to follow demands death!
 In the "Sunna of Mohammed" by Dr. Bill Warner, Center for the Political Study of Islam, Dr. Warner wrote that Mohammed and his "12 year old wife" sat in Medina and watched as Muslims cut off the heads of 800 Jews because the Jews said Mohammed was not the prophet of Allah! Beheading Kafirs continues today, as most of us have seen on You Tube, just as Mohammed did in 600 A.D. !!! It is an accepted practice of Islam. The Kafir's CRIME was Religious freedom! In Islam there is NO OTHER WAY!! If you have seen it on You Tube, believe what you saw "It is TRUE!!!"
 Would you call a "Faith", a Religion, if they only believed in human sacrifice "Just" once a month? NO, you would not.
What does Islam Demand?
 There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world! Some of whom do NOT believe in all the teachings of the Koran. However, disbelief is a crime punishable by death! So they keep their disbeliefs, secret! There are more than 57 NATIONS in the world that follow this way of life, including Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Sudan and on and on. Of these, more than 37 nations follow strict Sharia law which, by any interpretation, when compared to our Rule Of Law, legalizes Murder, Rape, Kidnapping, Cruel and Inhuman Punishment as clearly stated in the Koran. If only 10% are true Muslims, that's 150,000,000 Muslims, who want to kill YOU!!!
 Muslims "Attack" female genitalia because women are possessions and the prettiest are the most valuable. Pregnant woman are not attractive, according to Mohammed, so they destroy a pretty woman's reproductive chances!
 If you believe Islam is "Just" a Religion, you leave out their rule of Law and you are only partly correct. IF a "Muslim" believes in our First Amendment, the SEPARATION of Church and State, he is NOT a Muslim, according to Islam. Rather, he or she is an Infidel, an unbeliever, a Kafir, punishable by beheading!
 So tell me how can a Muslim become an American Citizen or hold public office or swear to;
"Hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic."
 That is the first part of the Naturalization Oath of Allegiance to the United States a new citizen must take to become a citizen! It completely contradicts Islam!! BUT, the Hadith and Koran allow lying and deceit if it enhances Islam!
Some say.....Look at the 
Christian Crusades, if you want brutality! 
Okay let's do that...In the first Crusades, in 1095 A.D., Pope Urban II called for Christians to take up arms to help the Byzantine Empire stop the marauding Turk "Muslims" and ultimately, take Jerusalem and the Holy Land away from Islamic Rule!
 From its beginning, Islam has been at war with the world: not my opinion, but the opinion of the entire WORLD!! Pick a period of time and Google a leader like Thomas Jefferson. Look at what he did and said about Islam, it will wake you up! Recently one Islamic "Nation", self proclaimed the Islamic State, ISIS (a caliphate or Islamic region), has declared itself at War with the rest of the world!
Iranian leaders have repeatedly and clearly declared America their enemy and say they are at war with the US. All government statistics show Iran is the BIGGEST sponsor of terrorism in the world and is responsible for 99% of terror acts IN THE WORLD! Yet Obama chose to minimize ISIS and IGNORE Iran's declarations and threats to kill us and then rewarded Iran with 170 billion dollars as part of an "Agreement". Where was the ACLU then?
Good or bad Muslim? 
This presents an impossible problem, right now! How do we tell the difference between good and bad Muslims? GOOD, being the ones who DON'T want to kill us and BAD, being those that do! I have no idea EXCEPT doing what Japan did and that is to deny ALL (non US Citizen) Muslims entry, period! Japan has no terrorism and won't allow Muslims to become Citizens! When we can find a way to truly vet them, then we will take those who want to assimilate to become Americans and have something to offer, not something to demand!! If we can't vet them and they don't want to assimilate, they can't come in! Interestingly, there are NO terrorist attacks in Japan! Maybe they have the right idea?!
\Ask any Muslim if he believes in all the Shuras in the Koran, if he says, Yes, run away. If he says, No, ask what his "Book of Faith" is. If he says, "The Koran"...... run away!
 So our President banned everyone from 7 Muslim Nations that are in chaos because of terrorism and where vetting of aliens to the US is impossible. That's a very smart move! Then an activist Judge stops the President from protecting us. Somehow I don't feel safer. Alien, non US citizens have no Constitutional rights......None! NO! right to come here. What law school did this Judge go to? Our Constitution is NOT a treaty! It belongs to us and those WE allow in!
 The President should declare a National Emergency caused by this court order allowing thousands of aliens into our country and by Executive Order direct the re-implementation of his order! Follow that with requesting Congress to declare war, under Article 8, on ISIS! Call it what it is!
  I realize there is much, much more to it than any of us realized! Put very simply... I don't want anyone coming here who wants to kill us! We have enough killers here already Citizens and not! Admit it or not, we are at war with Islam. Which ones, you ask? The ones who want to kill us; you, your family and me and mine, those Muslims! Some of you still don't think we are at war and that's, in part, because of the previous President, the horrible main stream media and a general ignorance of Islam!! Obama and the press lied to us! President Trump is telling the truth!
 The 1952 Immigration and Naturalization Act allows the President by Proclamation to...STOP ALL non US Citizen Muslims from entering our country. President Carter used this law in 1979 when he blocked entry to the US, then deported 15,000 Iranian Muslims; with no ACLU nor Activist Judges interfering! Give exemptions where necessary but get some freaking common sense!
 America; created by geniuses and run by idiots... until now!
The Right Side
J Gary DiLaura
Read 3117 times Last modified on Wednesday, 08 February 2017 18:49

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