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Sunday, 23 February 2020 14:31

The Future of Diabetes Care Is Here (And It’s Affordable) Featured

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The Future of Diabetes Care Is Here (And It’s Affordable)

Although we are still many years away from the artificial pancreas, technology does make it easier to live with diabetes. From apps that can help you make healthy food decisions to continuous glucose monitoring devices, science and technology are on your side. And the best part is that new advances are being made every day, pushing costs down. Here are a few of the best and most affordable technological breakthroughs that can help you bring your diabetes management into the digital age.

Smart Devices

Weight alone cannot help you see the big picture of your health, and a standard scale won’t give you anything other than a number. But, smart scales are different. These are devices that measure not only your weight but analyze body fat. Using a smart scale, you’ll know everything from your BMI to how much water you’re carrying around your waist.

Another connected tool that can be beneficial for diabetes patients is a fitness tracker. Your doctor has likely already discussed with you the importance of exercise. A wearable activity monitor can serve as a reminder to get up and go and motivation on the days you really don’t want to.

This type of technology, however, is not covered by insurance. That does not mean that you can’t afford the items you need to improve your health. You can use sites like Rakuten to find the best deals at big-box stores like Target. With a Target coupon code and cashback opportunities, you can save on everything from fitness trackers to heart rate monitors to smart refrigerators.

Continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGM)

Gone are the days when it was necessary to stick yourself in the finger every other hour just to survive. Today, systems like the Guardian Connect CGM, which is recommended by Diabetes Self-Management magazine online, take the guesswork – and the work – out of knowing your numbers. This system and many others like it keep a close watch on your glucose readings, which are stored on your mobile device via, in this case, the Sugar.IQ app, which is free.

The combination of a CGM and easy access to your readings, including timely alerts when your sugar levels get too high or too low, can help you manage your condition without interrupting your life. Fortunately, despite the lingering high prices of these devices, Medicare covers CGM for seniors and disabled people with the federally-funded insurance. Make sure to check with your provider if your preferred model is listed as a therapeutic CGM, which means that it is approved by the FDA and design with the express intent of helping individuals make decisions regarding their diabetes treatment.

Your smartphone

Another piece of technology that can help you take control of your diabetes without spending a dime is in your pocket right now. Your smartphone is a tool you cannot ignore. You may use your device to download apps, such as Runtasty. Android Police notes this app offers up healthy recipes for people with many different dietary restrictions. Use these meals as a starting point for your weekly grocery shopping excursion. You may find that you not only spend less money to fill your refrigerator but that you are also eating healthier without sacrificing taste.

As technology becomes integrated more and more into our lives, it only makes sense to use it for things that really matter. That includes taking care of your health. When you have diabetes, technology is a smart and accessible way to help manage your condition without draining your savings.


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