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Thursday, 08 April 2021 23:20

Can a Passport Put An End To Freedom? Ironically...YES Featured

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Part of the Point of View...."I think I know but do I?" series

The concept is raising a red flag about government overreach, the Whitehouse is reportedly working on a vaccine passport program, what is a vaccine passport, what should be used for, what should it be incorporated in?

A vaccine passport would allow Americans to prove they've been vaccinated against the corona viruses as business try to reopen, and would be free and available through apps for smart phones which display a scanable code, similar to an airline boarding pass.

The demand to produce personal documents to move about truly is reminiscent of Nazi Germany. And requiring someone to give out their medical records is also not legal.

But the left is trying to get you to think, it is something we are going to have get use to.

New York State is already announced an app called Excelsior pass, which can be used by New Yorkers to prove they have been vaccinated or have tested negative for Covid-19, it's a smartphone app that acts as a Covid passport So you can attend concerts, sporting events, other event and beginning this week, it will be accepted at dozens of arenas throughout New York state!

The argument is that it also gives you an incentive to overcome Vaccine hesitancy, some people are not sure still, if they want to do the vaccine, but if you promise more mobility, more ability to get a job, more ability to travel... That's very powerful incentive to achieve fuller vaccination!

There's a lot of news reporters and politicians that are just giddy over the idea of selling away all of our rights, destroying our right to assemble, destroying our right to free speech, destroying our right to body autonomy, but there are some brave individuals, those that are not afraid to go on those networks and speak the truth.....

former Clinton advisor Naomi Wolf has been out there, a warrior, trying to warn people this may be the world's stupidest idea.

Naomi: " I can't say it forcefully enough, this is literally the end of human liberty in the West, using orders that simply strip us of our rights to property, rights to assembly, rights to worship, and all of the rights that our constitution guarantees"

The Federal government is not saying we have to have the vaccine passport, they're just asking private businesses to keep you from entering without using a passport, the Federal government won't be involved but she has made some pretty strong statements about this, so tell me why, Naomi, why do you think that is, in your words, this may be the point of no return?


Naomi: "No, I will go further, it is the point of no return, I've been warning people ever since 2008, my book in The End of America, that there are 10 steps that would be dictators, always take, when they want to close an open society and people always say, tell us when we're at step 10 and we're at step 10 and the vaccine passport, you cannot come back from it.


I am a CEO of a Tech company as well as being an author and a fellow at the American's Chief Economic Research and so I understand what a lot of people, reasonably enough, don't understand about the absolutely catastrophic danger of a vaccine passport, which by the way, the push for it has been rolled out around the world, in democracies around the world, it's been launched in Israel and 4 months later it completely ended Israeli civil society, it's an apartheid state now, between vaccinated and unvaccinated and dissidents and activists are letting us know in Israel, that their surveilled and monitored and ostracized and marginalized, 24/7 now due to this vaccine passport.
It's been rolled out in Denmark, it's being rolled out in Britain, it's being rolled out in Canada and my own tyrannical governor, Governor Andrew Cuomo has declared that the Excelsior pass is going to be rolled out in New York State so it's beyond dangerous."

she continued...."I try not to overstate things but this is the end. You cannot roll this back, you can't make it better.
Once it's out there, you and I can't meet in a bar or in a restaurant with our friends to have a conversation about, 'how to start a movement to get our freedoms back,' because the app will know!"

"The danger about this app is not just the division of all society into 2 groups; vaccinated and unvaccinated, that's just the beginning, what's really dangerous is that you don't have a choice about opting in or out, in order to engage with society or to engage the private sector and what's incredibly dangerous is that and I say this is a Tech CEO .... any functionality can be loaded onto it like that, (snaps her finger) without any difficulty so tomorrow Apple Pay and Google Pay or Google wallet, which already are talking about getting the contract for the vaccine passport, can seamlessly synthesize whether you get paid or not, whether you can turn on your revenue stream or not, based on your vaccine status."

"AI can scan social media and feed that effortlessly into a social credit system, where if I say the right things, I can go more places and if I say the wrong things, I can't even get on the bus, where I have to show my card."

"It can seamlessly Geo locate you ...and it will ! Every time you scan that code when you go to a restaurant, it is Geo-locating you, it's saying Naomi Wolf is at the restaurant on this street and this street and when other people scan their codes, it creates a network of you and all your friends and there's software that shows kind of maps of everyone's social group and how they intersect each other interact with each other, so the app will scoop all of that up as well."

"It literally turns overnight into a China style social credit system and like I said elsewhere...."

"How do you keep a billion, educated people, who want freedom and democracy, completely unable to revolt... as in China? Well because they have this app, with the functionalities loaded onto it.... the authorities can find any dissident or any critic within 5 minutes and that's it, you can be switched off... turned off. So it's terrifying and when I say there is no going back... like someone said on my Twitter feed this is the Hill to die on and I said absolutely right, I don't literally want to do that but if there was ever a time for patriots and citizens and people who love the freedoms of the West and around the world to love freedoms, to not let something happen, now is the time because there is no world in which we have any autonomy after this is over, and I'm not even talking about the president of letting the government inject us with things, that unless we let them inject with the next thing and then it will go on to Sterilization etc."

We now turn to Del Bigtree from for his thoughts, ....

Del: " I remember Working on the CBS talk show, "The Doctors" I was always into doing these stories... at one point, I wanted to do a facial recognition story about how there are all these video cameras around the country and the executive producers said to me Del,, why you always into these stories, I don't understand what the problem is with cameras that recognize you, if you're not breaking the law, what difference does it make, I said, well it depends on what the law is, something I do today may be considered illegal tomorrow, like gathering in a park, my 1st amendment right, if that's made illegal, then I don't want them to know I'm there.
In this case, I think there's so many people that just think well I got my vaccine, or I believe in vaccines, so who cares!.... but what happens if that's tracking you, what happens if the vaccine only last for 2 months, so now all of a sudden,, your green badge turns red and it doesn't work anymore and they're following you wherever you are in town... and by the way, it's illegal ... so a cop car shows up, grabs you, because you were too near somebody that has been vaccinated or whatever it is ... they're carting you off to inject you again ... you will have no control over this.... And now we also live in society, by the way, where apparently, it's OK that we don't do safety trials, that we're gonna do no long term safety trials on future pharmaceutical products, 2 weeks, a month is good enough and after the 2nd shot, we won't know the causes cancer, we don't know if it has something even more diabolical, they don't care, your gonna have to get it, so people aren't looking at the long term, it's just a short sighted, and they prey on that right They prey on the fact that was so busy that we're just saying... take care of this for us"

Naomi..." yes, there is a lot of preying on us going on a but there's a massive disinformation/propaganda campaign going on to force us to adopt it. Look I was a political consultant at the highest levels and what that taught me was to analyze events backwards and what I mean is, when your political consulting or you're in those rooms where history is made, the goal is identified and then what happens is... how we create a story to get people to adopt that goal, and then the goal is given to the message shop, and the message shop comes up with the story right, that's why, I often look at what's the outcome, because that's what the intention usually is, so these lockdown measures are not sensical, the data are in, that States and countries that "locked down" didn't do any better in terms,, of Carona virus in States and countries that were open but the effect is... people will do anything to be free again, they will do anything to be able to go to that restaurant, go that bar, sit in a park with your friends, go to church, go to synagogue and so if you're going to have a goal of getting everyone to adopt, this one technology that will basically, enslave the world and I not overstating, that's not hyperbole and will allow 6 people in China, basically, to be in charge of everything that happens right, its meta national, it's above the level the government, 6 tech bros in China will get to decide what happens to everybody, who to switch on, who to switch off, if you want to do that, the way to do that is to have a pandemic, I'm not saying it wasn't real, but we know now that the PCR tests lead to false positives, we don't know the extent of the pandemic, we don't know if it's over because we don't have access to the raw data sets for the PCR tests."

"We have measures that don't make any sense, keep kids home from school which doesn't make any sense scientifically, don't let people open their businesses, don't let people open their restaurants, drive the economy into crisis until everyone is like ......... fine, just give it to me."

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