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Saturday, 27 August 2016 11:00

Zika Virus Scare. Real or Not? Featured

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Nothing that is going on with the Zika Virus is making any sense

, if you do a little research, nothing that they're telling us makes sense at all!
With all the scare mongering that's going on over this Zika thing all over the media, the next thing they're going to tell you is that they don't have a choice that they have to release the GM mosquitos, that's what's exactly in the process of happening now.
Last week they started a pesticide spraying campaign , this neurotoxin ‘Naled’ that they sprayed over a 10 mile radius over Miami has been found to cause Pancreatic Cancer and Lukemia in lab test, and it actually causes 15% smaller brains in the babies of pregnant animals that have had this chemical tested on it.
Now that is kind of ironic don't you think? because the whole Zika Virus scare thing is that it causes Microcephaly, which is when a baby is born with a small head, it’s a birth defect.
World Health Organization officials like Margaret Chan who is the Director General said "A causal link between Zika infection and pregnancy and microcephaly has not, and I must emphasize has not been established, the circumstantial evidence is suggestive and extremely worrisome”
Dr. Patricia Pestana Garcez, a neurodevelopment expert who studies microcephaly at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. said, “There is no direct evidence that the virus causes microcephaly.” However, she added that circumstantial evidence was strong enough to advise everybody not to take chances.

So there is no causal link that they've actually been able to prove conclusively between Zika Virus and microcephaly but what are we seeing right now is insanity, they were going door-to-door collecting urine samples on people, like some kind of medical martial law, you have Governor Rick Scott in Florida calling upon the CDC to activate an emergency response team, because 20 whole people have gotten the Zika Virus??? not exactly like the plague or something but they sure are acting like it is.
CNN reported that the FDA has asked that all blood donation stop in parts of Florida, with the reporter emphasizing that "that sounds serious" what they're not telling you is there actually have already been 386 cases of Zika in Florida including 55 pregnant woman, and they never acted like this!
Issuing Travel warnings that pregnant women should not travel to Miami and they're saying it's The Regulators incompetence that the FDA won't just allow them to release these Genetically Modified mosquitoes, anti-scientology ideology, they're treating us like crazy anti-vaxxers because we don't want GM mosquitoes to be unleashed upon us.
Brings me to two major points, first let's talk about the Zika Virus itself, Zika Virus was discovered by a Rockefeller Foundation scientists back in 1947 and there are decades of literature, decades of scientific literature exist on this virus to show that it is a largely
benign virus, up until recently with all the scare mongering started in the last few years since they had genetically modified mosquitoes, before that zika virus was benign, in fact 80% of the people who get virus don't have any symptoms at all and for the other 20% symptoms include joint pain, red eyes, rash and fever which lasts for a few days to a week, basically like a mild form of the flu.
But they're making it sound like the bubonic plague has broken out over Florida and we all have to run around screaming like chickens with our heads cut off.
The second thing is and this has been gone over very clearly by Clara Bernice over the anti-media, there is a major problem with these genetically modified mosquitoes, there is a real problem with the "kill switch" you see what's supposed to happen is... They’re only genetically modifying the male mosquitoes, they release them into the wild , and these male GM mosquitoes breed with the female mosquitoes and the larva is never supposed to hatch, it dies. It never makes it to maturity, so you kill off large swathes of the natural mosquito population
Here’s the problem, the whole thing is based on the lack of Tetracycline present during the mosquitoes development, that's a real problem because Tetracycline is one of the most widely used antibiotic in livestock.
It has been thoroughly explained in a study by American Society of agronomy et. al., that 75% of antibiotics and not absorbed by the animals they’re given to and most of it is excreted in their waste, which then goes into the run off, basically, it goes into the into the ground, so there's Tetracycline present in the environment! It's one of the reasons we have so much antibiotic resistance these days, because this such a huge presence of this and such a huge presence of these chemicals in our environment.
Not only that but specifically in Florida, Oxytetracycline is one of the main chemicals it's used to treat bacterial plant diseases like with citrus plants to mitigate bacterial plant diseases. So, you're going to have this being sprayed on crops, you're going to have it being given to lots and lots of farm animals, so it's going to be
present in the environment.
Basing the killing mechanism or “kill switch” of these
Genetically Modified mosquitoes on the lack of Tetracycline is just plain stupid , it's ill-advised, they should have thought of a different ‘kill switch’.
If this all worked perfectly and they could play God and make everything great and there just wouldn't be any mosquitoes with no negative effects to that, with no bad consequences, that would be fine I guess, I think mosquitoes suck just like the next guy, but they're always trying this Jurassic Park crap with no real clue ultimately to what's really going to happen ("you're implying that a group composed entirely of female animals is going to breed?...... No, I'm simply saying that life,......, finds a way" from Jurassic Park movie)
We can look at the circumstances that they have going on and you can see the cracks and flaws in their design pretty obviously. So this has been pointed out, in fact they even point it out in one of their own Oxytech documents, about eliminating Tetracycline contamination, stating that even small amounts of Tetracycline can repress the kill switch system.
They had a collaborator using cat food to feed to these GM mosquito larvae, the cat food just happen to have chicken in it, and chickens being one of the main livestock that is given Tetracycline.
This chicken fed to the mosquitoes in the cat food had just a tiny amount of Tetracycline in it but it was just enough so that 15% of the transgenic line of GM mosquitoes were surviving.
So why is this all a big deal? Well let's look at what goes into these Genetically Modified mosquitoes!
The idea is to make these Genetically Modified mosquitoes lethal so when they mate with a female mosquitoes the offspring inherit the lethal gene and cannot survive.
To achieve this feat Oxytech has inserted protein fragments from the Herpes Virus, E Coli Bacteria, Coral and Cabbage into these insects dubbed the OX513A GE mosquitoes.
So you have mosquitoes flying around with herpes virus, E coli bacteria? That just sounds kind of stupid, doesn't it? Wait. it gets a little weirder when you realize that the Gates foundation has spent at least 20 million dollars to fund the development of this mosquito, Bill Gates gave 20 million dollars to Oxitec to develop this genetically modified mosquito.
Now the mosquitoes are done and they're ready but they're waiting for the FDA to approve the use of these mosquitoes and what better reason than a mosquito virus scare to Spur the FDA to approve the release of these mosquitoes...

more on this story next issue but don't just take my word for it... do your own research....Zika Virus has been around for a long, long time and it's not ever been a scary virus....... until now!

Alfredo DiPasquale

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