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Tuesday, 05 September 2017 10:01


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When hooded masked men and women cause violence towards others and destruct property, they need to be arrested! When hooded masked men and women cause violence towards others and destruct property, they need to be arrested!






The most important story coming out of the incidents in Charlottesville is apparently the lack of story coming out of C-Ville from the corporate-controlled media. The people and institutions funding the unrest there are largely the same ones that profit from the activity of the corporate media, most notably in this case, George Soros.

Funny how this "autonomous" (according to Wikipedia) organization, Antifa, springs fully-funded seemingly out of nowhere, with extensive media coverage, when other more peaceful groups cannot beg or buy media time. The heavily Soros-backed Black Lives Matter emerged this way, a grassroots movement coopted and manipulated for political purposes. The intent is to incite violent and disruptive behavior. The results of all of this are obvious.

The name "Antifa" is that of a global organization taking its name from the German Communists, specifically "Antifaschistische Aktion". If you will look, the flag currently sported by this "autonomous" group that just appeared here, is directly taken from the German Communist Party flag of 1932. To oppose fascism (which almost no one on the street here can define) is certainly desirable, but that is not the purpose of this group, as you can see.

Antifa is the group that caused the earlier riot at Berkeley, shutting down a speech by Trump supporter Milo Yiannopoulous..Outside provocation is the modus operandi. An Antifa manual found on the campus of Evergreen College states "Shut Down Their Rallies... Force The Media To Show Our Side As The Righteous One".

The deeper you look, the deeper the rabbit hole goes. Jason Kessler, the supposed "leader" of these White Supremacists (who, distasteful as it is, had permits to assemble), was a backer of "Occupy Wall Street" and a long-time supporter of Obama. Not bad in itself, but he apparently showed no involvement in the white supremacy world until November of 2016, right as Trump was elected. Kessler was field reporter for CNN during the Occupy protests, a fact which apparently CNN is trying to erase from record. Another curious person at the Charlottesville event was the well-placed cameraman, Brennan Gilmore. Reminds us of the Zapruder film. He did a CNN interview immediately after the crash and had all the right answers in advance. The guy gets around. He was a former Deputy Chief of Missions in Hillary's State Dept. under Obama. He served in posts in Africa, including Bengazi. He has a clandestine profile as long as your arm, easily accessed on the internet. He was linked to the US Agency for International Development, a known CIA front.

Trump was right--- in this case, these fake left-wingers were to blame, and the fake media that backs them (and he does disavow Nazism). The corporate media subsequently have set out to take Trump out. This media is owned and operated by far bigger fish than Soros, their front man. Trump, with his flaws, still sees enough. He opposes the globalists, and that has put a bullseye on his back, which Antifa and more will be aiming at. What will be next? Impeachment? Monuments to Washington? Your beloved flag? Instigated race war? Why did the Mayor of Charlottesville order his police forced to stand down? Antifa offers ads on Craigslist for protesters, paying $25 an hour, as they did before Charlottesville. Soros funds upwards of 200 different groups to varying degrees. Unless the people of this country demand democracy, refuse terrorism of the Antifa sort (or any sort), Trump may be the last best hope for this country. Wish him well.

Mark Stiggs
N. Fort Myers

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