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Friday January 17


The saga of U.S. Iran relations in its current context roughly spans my lifetime. After…

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Tuesday May 28

4 Strategies for Managing Anxiety in Children with Autism

Tell a parent of a child with autism that 40 percent of children on the…

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Thursday March 28

ASK THE DOCTORS: Recognizing The Signs Of Prostate Cancer

Dear Doctor: How does prostate cancer happen? And what are the symptoms? I'm only 43,…

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Thursday March 28

Russiagate -- The Bright, Shining Lie

"The Special Counsel's investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with…

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USA National News

President Donald Trump shows off a memorandum on  protecting Florida, Georgia and South Carolina coastlines from offshore drilling after speaking on the environment  at Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum, in Jupiter, Fla
September 19, 2020

Trump Extends Gulf of Mexico Drilling Ban for 10 Years, Expands it to Florida’s Atlantic Coast

in Environment by Production
Most expected President Donald Trump on Tuesday to tout his record in allocating the full federal $200 million annual commitment to the 40-year, $10.5 billion Everglades restoration plan for only the second time since Congress approved it in 2000. Instead,…
August 07, 2020

What Is the Electoral College? : A closer look at how we Americans elect our president.

in Politics by Production
When Americans cast their votes for president, they are in reality directing other people — called electors — to vote for the candidate who receives the most votes in their state. The political party of the winning candidate in each state then sends its…
July 31, 2020

Biden's Lies for Black (and White-Privilege Guilt) Votes

in Politics by Production
"Take a look at my record, man. ... I have a record that is second to none. The NAACP has endorsed me every time I've run." -- Joe Biden, May 22, 2020, on "The Breakfast Club," hosted by Charlamagne tha God. No, the NAACP has not "endorsed" Joe Biden for any…
Jul 29, 2020 2751

The Right Side: Do We Have A Cure For Civid 19? - I Do Believe…That Dr. Richard Bartlett of Houston Texas, Does Have a Cure For Covid-19!

Do We Have A Cure For Civid 19? - I Do Believe…That Dr. Richard Bartlett of Houston…
Jul 29, 2020 231

Senate Republicans release proposed new $1 trillion coronavirus relief package

Senate Republicans' latest COVID-19 stimulus package proposes another round of direct…


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