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Friday January 17


The saga of U.S. Iran relations in its current context roughly spans my lifetime. After…

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Tuesday May 28

4 Strategies for Managing Anxiety in Children with Autism

Tell a parent of a child with autism that 40 percent of children on the…

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Thursday March 28

ASK THE DOCTORS: Recognizing The Signs Of Prostate Cancer

Dear Doctor: How does prostate cancer happen? And what are the symptoms? I'm only 43,…

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Thursday March 28

Russiagate -- The Bright, Shining Lie

"The Special Counsel's investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with…

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USA National News

September 17, 2021

THE RIGHT SIDE: Open Letter to FBI Director Chris Wray

in Politics by Production
Director Wray, As you are aware, the FBI opens cases (investigations) when credible information is received from numerous sources. One source is the news media which has been and continues to be a source for new cases. Although I have been retired from 29…
August 18, 2021


in Politics by Production
In my opinion… as a retired FBI Agent with 30 years of experience, investigating major, criminal cases… there is more than enough Probable Cause to Indict both Barack Hussein Obama and Impeach and Indict Joe Biden for Treason, Espionage, Sedition, and a…
August 04, 2021

Extreme Tolerance Leads To Intolerance

in Politics by Production
I’ve been offering comments about tolerance and intolerance for several years, all the while thinking my approach was somewhat original. A little research and my prideful feelings were suddenly threatened. lmost 2,500 years ago, Plato proposed the possibility…
Aug 04, 2021 567

UFO Report Opens More Questions

UFO report: Government can't explain 143 of 144 mysterious flying objects, blames limited…
Aug 02, 2021 320

Do you Talk Politics with Friends or at Work?

One of the most obvious misconceptions about liberals today is that they personify…


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