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Friday, 08 January 2021 22:49

Florida Education Bills Already Introduced and In Committee ! Featured

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Florida Lawmakers have been busy, here are a number of bills related to
Education.These bills have
already been introduced and are in commitee at this time.

FL H0075
Feminine Hygiene Products in Public Schools

Bill Summary
Citing this act as the
"Learning with Dignity Act";
defining the terms "feminine hygiene products" and "school building"; requiring school districts to make feminine
hygiene products available,
at no charge, in female
restroom facilities of public school buildings, etc.

FL S0254

Bill Summary
Requiring specified teachers to have received, at a
minimum, a bachelor's
degree; requiring private schools to provide specified students with a certain amount of time for recess; requiring private school students to
participate in the statewide
assessment program;
requiring private schools to comply with the State
Requirements for Educational Facilities of the Florida Building Code, etc.

FL S0258
Internship Tax Credit Program

Bill Summary
Designating the "Florida
Internship Tax Credit
Program"; providing a
corporate income tax credit for qualified businesses
employing degree-seeking student interns if certain
criteria are met; specifying the amount of the credit a qualified business may claim per student intern, etc.

FL S0264
Higher Education

Bill Summary
Requiring the State Board of Education to require each Florida College System
institution to conduct an
annual assessment related
to intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity at that institution; prohibiting the State Board of Education from shielding Florida
College System institution students from certain speech; requiring the Board of Governors to require each state university to conduct an annual assessment
related to intellectual
freedom and viewpoint
diversity at that institution; prohibiting the Board of Governors from shielding state university students from certain speech, etc.

FL S0174
School Safety Funding

Bill Summary
Revising certain allocations to school districts;
specifying uses and
distribution requirements for certain safe schools
allocation funds for the 2021-2022 fiscal year;
requiring each district school superintendent to remit
specified unused funds from the 2020-2021 fiscal year to the Department of Education by a specified date;
authorizing the department, upon request, to
redistribute such funds to certain school districts for a specified purpose, etc.

FL S0178

Public School Transportation

Bill Summary
Revising the requirement that district school boards provide transportation for certain students; requiring
a district school
superintendent to request a review of a hazardous
walking condition upon
receipt of a written request from a parent of a student; requiring, rather than
authorizing, a district school board to initiate a specified proceeding relating to
hazardous walking
conditions, etc.

FL S0188
Solar Energy Systems Located On the Property of an Educational Facility

Bill Summary
Prohibiting costs associated with such systems from being included in the
calculation of total cost per student station for the
purpose of a limit imposed on such costs for certain
new construction, etc

FL S0190
Required Instruction of African American History

Bill Summary
Beginning in a specified school year, requiring the Department of Education to annually verify that school districts, charter schools, and specified private schools
implement certain instruction relating to the history of African Americans;
specifying requirements for school districts, charter schools, and specified
private schools relating to such instruction; requiring certain statewide, standardized assessments to include, when appropriate, curricula content from
the history of African
Americans, etc

FL S0192
Students With Disabilities in Public Schools

Bill Summary
Requiring school districts to prohibit the use of seclusion on students with disabilities in public schools; requiring school districts to adopt
positive behavior interventions and supports and certain policies and procedures; creating the Video Cameras in Public School Classrooms Pilot Program; requiring
continuing education and inservice training for instructional personnel teaching students with
emotional or behavioral disabilities, etc

FL S0200
Retaining Students Back a year/Promoting to higher grade in mid-year

Bill Summary
Authorizing a parent to
request that his or her
student be retained in a grade level for a specified school year; requiring school district superintendents to grant such requests if they are timely received;
requiring school districts to administer a certain
assessment to specified students; clarifying that specified students may qualify for midyear promotion; authorizing a parent to request such promotion or to request that his or her student continue to be retained, etc.

FL S0202
Standard High School Diploma Award Requirements

Bill Summary
Adding a new requirement for the award of a standard high school diploma to
Academically Challenging Curriculum to Enhance Learning students; requiring certain students to submit a Free Application for
Federal Student Aid in order to be awarded a standard high school diploma, etc.

FL S0220
Public Records and Public Meetings

Bill Summary
Providing an exemption from public records
requirements for any
personal identifying
information of an applicant for president of a state
university or a Florida
College System institution; specifying that personal identifying information of applicants who are in the final group of applicants is no longer confidential and exempt at a time certain; specifying that certain
meetings are not exempt from public meeting
requirements; providing for future legislative review and repeal of the exemptions; providing a statement of public necessity, etc.

FL S0128
Florida Talent Development Council

Bill Summary
Requiring the council, by a specified date, to submit to specified entities a report that includes recommendations on the feasibility of
establishing and implementing the Pathways in
Technology Early College High School (P-TECH)
program or a similar
program; providing requirements for the report, etc
FL S0146
Civic Education

Bill Summary
Requiring the Commissioner of Education to develop minimum criteria for a
nonpartisan civic literacy practicum for high school students, beginning with a specified school year; authorizing students to apply the hours they devote to practicum activities to certain community service requirements; requiring school districts accept nonpartisan civic literacy practicum activities and hours in requirements for certain awards; requiring the State Board of Education to designate certain high schools as Freedom Schools, etc.

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