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In the world’s largest seagrass restoration project, scientists have observed an ecosystem from birth to full flowering. As part of a 20-plus-years project, researchers…
Friday, 23 October 2020 08:15

THE PATRIOT PAGE: Vietnam War Protests

Written by
    Ed. Note: with all the protests and violence in our streets... it's good to remember our history Vietnam War protests began small…
This month’s Quadrilateral Security Dialogue foreign ministers meeting in Tokyo signals that so-called Quad has arrived as a global diplomatic combination. The Quad is…
Thursday, 22 October 2020 16:15

Electromagnetic Fields Treat Diabetes in Animal Models

Written by
Researchers from the University of Iowa may have discovered a safe new way to manage blood sugar non-invasively. Exposing diabetic mice to a combination…
Friday, 02 October 2020 22:10

Trump Move on Jerusalem Embassy Led to Peace

Written by
When President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and announced he would install an embassy in the Holy City in December…
Dear Doctor: My boyfriend laughs when I turn down the car stereo when I'm trying to find a new address, but I've seen his…
President Donald Trump is withdrawing the U.S. from the World Health Organization. All we can say is that it's about time. The organization's legitimacy…
Tuesday, 23 June 2020 08:45

For the Record: Irish Slaves

Written by
The Irish slave trade began when 30,000 Irish prisoners were sold as slaves to the New World. The King James I Proclamation of 1625…
If it acts, the Free World has the opportunity to condemn another communist dictatorship to Karl Marx's dustbin of history and avoid a war…
    “I tell you it is no use arguing with a Communist. It’s no good trying to convert a Communist or persuade him.”…
We've known for years that China lies and cheats and steals when it comes to international trade. Now we've learned that it also spread…
Monday, 27 April 2020 12:47

Covid-19 Latest numbers!

Written by
By the Numbers: Corona Flu as of 12:01am April 27th, 2020 ... there are 2,994,436 cases worldwide so far with 878,707 people that have had…
Saturday, 25 April 2020 10:16

Piercing Illusion of Trump's 'Immigration Ban'

Written by
President Donald Trump unleashed his "April surprise" on Monday night, sending shock waves from the Beltway Swamp to Silicon Valley with a long-overdue announcement:…
Saturday, 25 April 2020 09:16

China's Wuhan Virology Lab Must Be Investigated

Written by
Perhaps the coronavirus pandemic began in a Wuhan wet market, as is most commonly claimed. But it makes no sense to dismiss the alternate…
Thursday, 23 April 2020 21:48

What Will Be the New American Cause?

Written by
After the Great Pandemic has passed and we emerge from Great Depression II, what will be America's mission in the world? What will be…
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