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Florida Lawmakers have been busy, here are a number of bills related to Education.These bills have already been introduced and are in commitee at…
      Andrew Gillum shined a signature grin at a May press event last year as he stood alongside Democratic leaders. The former Democratic…
For those of you who did vote for Biden and Harris…If They Win.... you really screwed up! Have you noticed gas prices have already…
Monday, 09 November 2020 07:33

Florida Republicans sustain grip on state Senate

Written by
 Florida Republicans began the 2020 election cycle with a 23-17 majority in the state Senate, and they likely will enter the 2021 legislative session…
As three regional task forces prepare for final meetings to gauge the feasibility of the Florida Legislature’s multibillion dollar proposal to build 340 miles…
The U.S. Census Bureau's new deadline to finish the decennial headcount likely ensures census undercounts in Florida that could cost the state billions over…
Saturday, 18 January 2020 08:40

To Those On The Fence...............

Written by
Here are some interesting points to think about prior to 2020, especially to my friends on the fence, like moderate Democrats, Libertarians and Independents…
Make It Legal Florida (MILF), the well-funded political action committee sponsoring a prospective November 2020 constitutional amendment seeking to legalize recreational marijuana, will spearhead…
Friday, 25 October 2019 15:06

Laura Loomer: Disrupter for Congress

Written by
      The Beltway swamp is clogged with miserable crapweasels: smug incumbents, status quo lemmings, Constitution infringers of all flavors, Silicon Valley lackeys,…
Tuesday, 17 September 2019 06:19

We Don’t Trust You!

Written by
Like all Americans, I've been deeply moved and horrified by the recent spate of mass shootings. Surely, I thought, there must be some commonsense…
Wednesday, 17 July 2019 23:42

Florida Minimum-Wage Drive Inches Closer To Ballot

Written by
Proponents of a prospective constitutional amendment to raise Florida’s minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2026 gathered more than 100,000 signatures in June…
Medical professionals have the right to protect people -- that's what a federal appeals court in Florida unanimously ruled on Feb. 16 when it…
Thursday, 23 February 2017 01:49

Florida Senate Bill 816

Written by
Florida water quality is and/or should be in the forefront of all residents thoughts, if you aren't paying attention, then WAKE UP! ... You…
Thursday, 26 January 2017 15:23

'We Must Think Big and Dream Even Bigger'

Written by
In all the media back and forth over President Donald Trump's inaugural speech, most have missed a central point: His address was infused with…
Wednesday, 16 November 2016 15:58


Written by
A funny word, "prudent." It's old-fashioned and kind of frumpy. I particularly remember when George Herbert Walker Bush, surely the best president of my…
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