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SARASOTA, Fla. — The homeless so skillfully weave themselves into our urban landscapes that we sometimes don’t even notice they are with us. On…
Monday, 30 May 2016 16:29

Florida Retirement Places

Written by
The Sunshine State is one of the most highly sought out states for individuals planning on retirement.
Sunday, 28 February 2016 19:30

Review: Sister Act at Broadway Palms

Written by
Fort Myers is home to high spirits as the musical Sister Act has opened at Broadway Palms. Adapted from the Whoopi Goldberg movie from…
Saturday, 13 February 2016 23:58

Carl Conley’s Dolphin Tale “The Origins of Flipper”

Written by
Carl Conley’s Dolphin Tale “The Origins of Flipper” Once in awhile a story comes along that seems almost magical. When Blanche Lee called me…
Friday, 22 January 2016 09:04

Mickey Basil: A Long Journey to Lee County

Written by
Mickey Basil only recently landed in the Southwest Florida music scene, but he brings a long and accomplished pedigree along with him. A veteran…
Thursday, 10 December 2015 09:52

The “Puerto Ricanization” of Central Florida

Written by
Sun Bay forward: For those looking to experience another side of Florida, away from the bustling Florida beaches, we offer up this article that…
Monday, 09 November 2015 09:34

Joe Delaney: A Jazz Life

Written by
  “We moved down to the Virgin Islands together when we were young maniacs, I came down and played jazz in all the local…
Thursday, 01 October 2015 13:28

Journeyman of Sound - Jay Heavilin

Written by
Standing in the small, dark orchestra pit at the Broadway Palm Theater in Ft. Myers, musician Jay Heavilin holds his bass and waits for…
The historic Downtown of Fort Myers has a rich history to it. One of the first forts built along the Caloosahatchee River back in…
By Tom Crosby On Sept. 20th the USA Rugby national team will kick-off against Samoa in its first match of the 2015 Rugby World…
Gun sales appear brisk at Spike's Tactical in Apopka, Florida where you can buy an assault rifle the store claims is "designed to never…
Monday, 17 August 2015 10:37

Dakota Peoples: Growing Up Hour by Hour

Written by
Dakota Peoples is not your typical teenager. To be perfectly honest, the young North Fort Myers High School student has more on her plate…
Tuesday, 11 August 2015 13:40

"On the Half-Shell"

Written by
Our area is famous for visitors; last year over a million people came to the beaches and shores of our semi-tropical paradise. One thing…
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