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Monday, 30 May 2016 16:29

Florida Retirement Places

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The Sunshine State is one of the most highly sought out states for individuals planning on retirement.

With this said not all cities in Florida are created equally for those who are planning out their retirement. When time comes to decide where to move to in Florida, which cities are the top of the list?

Fort Myers Beach

This beautiful, family friendly place is one of the last places on the Gulf Coast where you can enjoy a small town feel set on expansive, white sugar-sand beaches without being surrounded by high rises in every direction.

Located a convenient twenty five minute ride from SW International airport, FMB is an eclectic blend of quaint ocean cottages and mom and pop hotels located close to Times Square – the easily walked entertainment district where a variety of restaurants and shops add to the attraction of this laid-back Island community.

Less than one mile away is San Carlos Island, home to one of Florida’s largest Shrimping industries. For those who love to get on the water, nearby marinas offer private charter boats, small boat rentals and “head boats” for fishing and boating enjoyment. The area is truly an outdoor enthusiast’s dream.


The capital city of the state is small in population density. It has a major university there, FSU, so sports enthusiasts will love living there. Cost of living is extremely low, and there are neighboring major cities and towns to visit for fun nightlife and activities.

For those who enjoy the beach, the city is inland, but is not too far from the coast. The major draw is low cost of living, and low population density for the retiree moving to the area.


It is nearby to Orlando, Florida, meaning it is near a tourist town. With this said, it is a completely different type of city, and you won’t deal with the noise, hustle and bustle, and heavy traffic you find in Orlando.

Cost of living is reasonably low, weather is extremely sunny and warm, and nearby attractions are a draw for those who like the parks and outdoor activities. There are many nearby golf courses and tennis facilities for the outdoor enthusiast retiree.


A far more secluded city for you to retire in. But, the extremely low cost of living makes it ideal for the retiree who is on a tight budget if they are no longer working and have a fixed income.

It is a major farm area, so it is quiet nearby and you don’t have to deal with major companies, traffic, or too many people nearby. If you like quiet and calm, mixed in with great Florida weather, this is a great retirement city.


As a beachfront town, you can’t go wrong if you love scenic views. It is also much lower than the price of other major cities, like Miami or Orlando, so you can afford a nice home for a reasonable price point.

It is nearby to major attractions, there are a number of golfing courses nearby, and great dining in the city. It is a mix of old and new when it comes to architecture as well, so there is a nice blend of things to see and do nearby.

Marco Island

If you love water, this is a great island to retire upon. Nice weather year round, and the cost of living is not as high as you would expect it to be living on a waterfront town.

For those who like the beaches, if you enjoy fishing and outdoor activities, and want to live in a golfing community, this is the ideal retirement community for you to call home.

Vero Beach

Another beachfront city makes the list of top places to retire in Florida. Exceptional weather year round makes this a prime retirement community to live as well.

Cost of living is fairly reasonable in the city. Water attractions, golf, warm weather, the sun. What more can you ask for when choosing a destination to retire in?


This is somewhat of a ritzy city meaning cost of living is a bit higher. But, the interior of the city is quite affordable for condos or homes. It is nearby to the beaches, and close enough to major cities, to allow for a close commute to fun attractions.

If you love golf, this is the premier place to call home. There are dozens of courses in the city, as well as nearby beaches, theaters, and great dining establishments to enjoy in the surrounding areas.


Like Jupiter, you will have to be selective when it comes to homes or condos if you are on a tight budget. With many multi million dollar homes in the area, it is quite affluent and does offer a quiet retreat for retirement.

It has tons of beachfront property and it’s just one hour from Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, and a couple hours from Disney and Orlando. The central location, nice weather, and exceptional dining, all make Naples a fine city to call home when choosing a Florida city to retire in.


Another college town, it is the home of the Florida Gators (UF). With this said, cost of living is far lower than you will find in most other Florida cities if you are on a fixed budget.

It is quite secluded and quiet, with limited nightlife. For retirees who love golf and retirement facilities for sports, it is a prime destination to consider however. Very low cost of living is one of the biggest draws for those who choose this inland Florida city to retire in.


It is named as one of the most affordable retirement cities for retirees moving to Florida. Fine beachfront views, warm weather all year round, and sunshine in this prime destination, all make it the perfect choice for retirement.

There are several nearby beaches, it is only a couple hours from other major cities (Orlando, Miami, Naples, etc), weather is mild year round, and you won’t find many cities with more golfing communities and courses to choose from. All of this for a very low cost of living makes it a prime retirement spot to consider moving to in Florida.

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